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Top 4 Home Theater Video Games

Apart from watching movies, another great use of your home theater is playing video games. Unlike mere film viewing, video games allow spectators to “get involved”. Having the power to change the destiny of your chosen protagonist is so much more fulfilling than simply watching them fall as the directors and story writers dictated. You’ve […]

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Popcorn Night: Rediscovering the Epic Fantasy Adventure

Sunday is a rest day and a day that precedes the most hectic day of the week, Monday. Because of this, there’s a need to relax with your loved ones. This means having a wonderful experience before the start of the week. Most families go out and have fun while some would prefer to stay […]

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20 Myths about Flat Screen TV

As technology progresses, appliances like flat screen TVs have become very convenient that operating them doesn’t even require you too much effort.  Although this appliance is very advanced, there still are myths about home theater system sets that need to be cleared: Contains actual liquid – The term liquid in LCD refers the kind of […]

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The Battle between 3D Technologies

3D technology has been increasing in popularity for the past few years especially because more 3D contents have been made available to the viewing public. New animation technologies allow better resolution and imaging for cartoons and there are also new processes on how real motion pictures are translated into 3D images. But going into the […]


Planning to Buy a New 3D TV?

One of the popular trends when it comes to display nowadays is the incorporation of 3D technology into televisions. This type of technology has caught the attention of people who own home cinemas because they also want to get that 3D appeal in the movies that they are watching at home. Although having a 3D […]


The Canadian Home Furnishings Market

Every single year, each company in the furniture industry of Canada come together to showcase what’s new and what’s trendy in terms of furnishings for the home. This event is named the Canadian Home Furnishings Market. Toronto is the designated city for next year’s show and it will commence on January 12, 2013 and will […]

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Tips in Shopping for a Flat Panel HDTV

Setting up a home cinema is quite complicated. Home theater installation does not only include connecting the TV and the speakers together but it also begins in the process of choosing the right components of the home entertainment system and making sure that every appliance is compatible with the rest. One of the most important […]

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Tips when Buying a 3D TV

There are many homeowners who are contented of putting large screens and high definition televisions in their home cinemas. For those who really would like to have the ultimate movie experience, a 3D television is the most preferred one. There are different brands in the market that offer 3D TV technology. Even if these brands […]

Difference between 3D TV and a 3D- Ready TV

There are a lot of movies today that have been altered to accommodate 3D viewing. 3D movies actually give the viewers more of an experience rather than just watching them in 2D because the images pop out of the screen making them appear as if the characters are portraying right in front of you. People […]

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The Hype About Google’s Project Glass

If you spend a lot of time online then you might have stumbled upon a video released by Google entitled Project glass. The video shows a future vision of Google to create augmented reality glasses. All About The Video Now what do these glasses do? The audiovisual displays a typical day of a person who […]