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Reliable Quick Tips for Choosing Home Theater Projectors

If you want to elevate your home theater viewing experience to a whole new level, then it is time to get yourself home theater projectors. Back then, these items were just designed for viewing purposes catered to a large viewing audience. But through rapid advancements in technology, projectors have moved away from being merely used […]

Fall TV Shows

What Are The Fall TV Shows to Watch?

One of the best ways to spend the early nights during fall season is to watch your favorite TV shows in your home theater rooms. You can expect these several shows this fall and you can watch it with your loved ones. First on the list is the supernatural drama show entitled Lost Girl. Watch […]


2014 Summer Blockbuster Movies

It’s summer! This is the best time to get laid back, relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy! You don’t need to think much about school and work. Because what you should be preoccupied in is your own enjoyment. No stress please! And what better way to do that is to watch movies. This summer […]

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20 Myths about Flat Screen TV

As technology progresses, appliances like flat screen TVs have become very convenient that operating them doesn’t even require you too much effort.  Although this appliance is very advanced, there still are myths about home theater system sets that need to be cleared: Contains actual liquid – The term liquid in LCD refers the kind of […]

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Turning Your Basement into a Home Theater Room

Converting a home basement into a home theater entertainment space has been a popular American pursuit. In practicality, what better way to use an under-utilized space? Here are some things to consider before turning your basement into a home theater room: Water and Electronics Don’t Mix Some home basements have been ignored or neglected, leaving […]


What to Do for a Good Home Theater Design

Most people who are too excited to build their own home cinemas make a mistake of not having an appropriate plan for the home theater design. The layout of your home cinema is a very crucial part in making the perfect space to watch a movie. Homeowners are sometimes too caught up with a lot […]

Design Trends Toronto

Design Trends Toronto is probably one of the most sought after design fairs in North America. This year, Design Trends Toronto will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the scheduled dates are November 28, 2012 to November 30, 2012. The main goal of this event is to create an […]

Sound and Audio Tips for Large Rooms

If some individuals are having trouble configuring the sound systems of their home cinemas because of limited amount of space, there are also those who are trying to figure out how they can achieve great acoustics in their large rooms. Spacious areas can be quite a challenge to install speakers because you need to make […]

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Are Plasma HDTVs Coming Back?

For many people who are very particular with the type of TVs and displays used in their home theater rooms, they may have been following the Plasma HDTV versus LCD TV battle for quite some time. If you ask the true technological junkies, plasma HDTVs have actually never been gone ever since it was introduced […]

What Makes an Ultimate Man Cave?

All men would love to have a space for themselves in their homes. What better way to deck your man cave than to add some fancy technology and equipment? There is one apartment in New York City that has been converted by its owner into an ultimate man cave. This is definitely not your typical […]