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Inspiring Movies To Watch For The New Graduates

Graduating from College is one of the most liberating events in a person’s life. This is when a person is finally declared an adult and is ready to take on new challenges in life. Having a degree would mean getting a good job that pays well. However, the transition from being a student to an […]

horror movie

Horror Movie Clichés That Bond Family and Friends

Movies have a particular formula that most movie lovers have finally guessed by now. In every kind of movie genre, there is a formula that either adds flavor to the movie or adds to the predictable vibe. One of the genres that most people have fun watching is the horror genre. This is one of […]

Fall Movies

Home Theater Movie Recommendations

Autumn is definitely a laid back season. The leaves that blossomed at spring now start to wither and fall. The wind becomes cooler as anticipation for the upcoming winter arises. Autumn is indeed the perfect time to stay at home and enjoy your time with your family as much as you can. And what better […]

Family Movie Night

Home Theater System Checklist

Spending movie nights with your family is one great way to unwind. It provides an avenue of release for all the family members from the stress and pressure of work, school, or whatnot. Aside from that, this is a cheap and practical alternative for family recreation instead of going to malls to watch movies.  To […]

Fall TV Shows

What Are The Fall TV Shows to Watch?

One of the best ways to spend the early nights during fall season is to watch your favorite TV shows in your home theater rooms. You can expect these several shows this fall and you can watch it with your loved ones. First on the list is the supernatural drama show entitled Lost Girl. Watch […]


2014 Summer Blockbuster Movies

It’s summer! This is the best time to get laid back, relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy! You don’t need to think much about school and work. Because what you should be preoccupied in is your own enjoyment. No stress please! And what better way to do that is to watch movies. This summer […]

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Home Theater Essentials

In a home theater design, there are three ‘holy grails’ that we have to know. These three things are the essentials that are needed to have that perfect home theater experience. These vital factors in a home theater system are: the screen, a surround sound system, and proper and comfortable seating. Whether you opt to […]

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The year of sequels and remakes: What to watch out for this 2014

The year 2013 has its fair share of cinematic ups, downs and in-betweens.  So what can you expect this year?  Aside from mythical heroes and fast cars, expect to see more sequels and remakes this year. Here’s the lineup of films to watch out for this 2014: The Expendables 3 – If you have enjoyed […]

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Season

Christmas is one of the ‘most wonderful times of the year’. It’s one of the best times to bond with your family and enjoy great food, chitchats and great movies to watch over a cup of warm eggnog and Christmas movies on a home theatre system. And if your idea of bonding with the family […]

large projector screen

Choosing a big screen for your home theater system

Given a hefty budget, you would probably be spending on the best materials and appliances in the market to make your dream house a reality. Same can be said with planning out a home theatre system for your entertainment room. But first, let’s go down to the basics. Here’s what every home theater needs: A […]