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Most Popular Speaker Trends for the Home

Although there are those who have home theater rooms that are dedicated exclusively for watching movies, most people only have multi-purpose rooms or living rooms where they watch films with their families. Multipurpose rooms are more practical and they cost lesser too. But people who have multiuse home cinemas should never compromise their speakers because […]


Quick Home Theater Audio Adjustments

The sound is a fundamental part of your movie experience and many home cinema owners know how important it is to achieve the perfect pitch and sound combination. Many people may hire professionals to wire all of their speakers together and install a sophisticated sound system. But there are actually a few quick and easy […]


Exposed vs. Hidden Home Theatre Projectors

A lot of homeowners who have home cinemas are opting for home theatre projectors because they save space and they can also show a larger picture compared to television screens. The question that they have in mind is whether to hide the projector or expose it for other people to see. Each of these instalment […]

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Achieving a Home Theater with a Small Room

Celebrities may have home cinemas that could accommodate more than 10 people at one viewing. But this does not mean that you cannot convert a small room into a home cinema for your family. There will be certain adjustments that have to be made and the undertaking is certainly possible. You just need to find […]

Lighting your Home Theater Room

When it comes to home cinemas, many people immediately rely on the HD television and the sound system to make the room successful. Although these components are the basic important factors of a home cinema room, one must not disregard the fact that lighting is also essential and it must be considered as well. Advantages […]


The Home Theater of George Clooney

George Clooney is one of the most popular male actors in Hollywood of all time. Aside from his love life, people would also want to take a look at his villa and the rooms inside where he lives. Many paparazzis are always hanging out outside George Clooney’s Italian villa in Lake Como but the actor […]

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Aereo Offering Local TV Streaming

Online streaming has already gained popularity ever since it was introduced a few years back. Through online streaming, people will no longer have to subscribe to pricey cable companies for them to watch their favorite shows. A lot of channels are actually offering TV streaming and they have a separate website dedicated to that. But […]

Home Theater Video Wall

Video Wall Installation

When you think of the ultimate home theater system, it might include a video wall where a number of widescreen TVs are put up on the wall to form one enormous screen. If you are an avid sports fan and the idea of missing even a single shot or goal is unthinkable, you can even […]

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The Mad Scramble for 3D TVs

Just as when you have gotten over the novelty of your impressive HDTV resolution, an upcoming addition—or replacement, if you must—to your home theater system has created waves in the market. Ever since the electronics conventions and shows have introduced the 3DTV to consumers and vendors, the buzz surrounding them has never ceased. With all […]

Choosing Plasma over Projector

In planning for your home theater system, one of the major decisions you have to look into is the kind video device you want. A good projection system can mimic the picture quality of the movie theater, but you have to draw in the curtains and shut off all the lights to fully get into […]