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Movies For Christmas 2018

Christmas is around the corner. It’s time for stockings by the fireplace, Christmas trees, cozy couches, and ugly but warm sweaters.  This is also the time when the family gets together to celebrate and be grateful for each other. And with that come Christmas movies. Holiday-themed movies that are watched by the family during Christmas […]


Why Choose Projectors

Every household interior has a living room, and these days it is almost impossible to conceive one that has no television set. Since the 1950’s, television sets have become a centerpiece to every residential parlor. They’re not only a technological attraction. These television sets are important instruments that comprise the majority of domestic indoor activities. […]

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Reliable Quick Tips for Choosing Home Theater Projectors

If you want to elevate your home theater viewing experience to a whole new level, then it is time to get yourself home theater projectors. Back then, these items were just designed for viewing purposes catered to a large viewing audience. But through rapid advancements in technology, projectors have moved away from being merely used […]

Fall Movies

Home Theater Movie Recommendations

Autumn is definitely a laid back season. The leaves that blossomed at spring now start to wither and fall. The wind becomes cooler as anticipation for the upcoming winter arises. Autumn is indeed the perfect time to stay at home and enjoy your time with your family as much as you can. And what better […]

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Best Comedies That You Can Enjoy in Celebration of April Fool’s

The month of April begins with a day of laughter. April fool’s day is the best day to de-stress and relax. With all the infectious laughter that has been set by this holiday, watch comedy films in line with this annual celebration. In order to set the lightened mood this month, we have selected a […]

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Best Christmas Movies to Watch This Season

Christmas is one of the ‘most wonderful times of the year’. It’s one of the best times to bond with your family and enjoy great food, chitchats and great movies to watch over a cup of warm eggnog and Christmas movies on a home theatre system. And if your idea of bonding with the family […]

HDTV input lag

Input Lag: Does it matter?

What is input lag?  It is when there is a delay in before the image hits the screen and are perceived by the viewers.  Input lag may happen for a few milliseconds and are almost inaudible, to a few seconds delay, which can be a bit bothersome if the audio is out of sync with […]

CrossMediaTO 2013

CrossmediaTO 2013

CrossmediaTO 2013 is a very special technology related event that will showcase the convergence of different media outlets and companies in Canada in one spectacular conference. For the year 2013, the event is scheduled on February 21 from 7:30 in the morning up to 7:00 o’clock in the evening. The venue will be at the […]

Universal Remotes Toronto

Too Many Remote Controls?

When you get home from work and you want to watch TV, do you see more than one remote control on the table when you reach for it? Many people have multiple gadgets and equipment in their entertainment rooms and each of those pieces of equipment has their own controllers. The problem with this is […]

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Tips when Buying a 3D TV

There are many homeowners who are contented of putting large screens and high definition televisions in their home cinemas. For those who really would like to have the ultimate movie experience, a 3D television is the most preferred one. There are different brands in the market that offer 3D TV technology. Even if these brands […]