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Everything You Need to Know About Sonos

Remember the days when you were restricted to listening to music in just one room wherever your stereo system happened to be? There was only so far that you could go before the sound started to fizzle out. It was either that, or you would have to shuffle your sound system from one room to […]

3D Technologies

The Battle between 3D Technologies

3D technology has been increasing in popularity for the past few years especially because more 3D contents have been made available to the viewing public. New animation technologies allow better resolution and imaging for cartoons and there are also new processes on how real motion pictures are translated into 3D images. But going into the […]


The Secrets to a Successful Video Projector Installation

The home video projector is one of the most valuable gadgets that you can have in your home theater. It can display high definition video images without taking up too much space inside your home cinema. But just like any other gadgets inside the room, all the good features will not be put into good […]

Home Theaters in Small Rooms

Common Questions about Home Theaters in Small Rooms

Even if you own a small house with rooms that are not very spacious, you will still be able to achieve your dream of having a home cinema. As the famous quote says, size does not matter. No matter if the only available room that you have in the house is small, a few tricks […]


Design Installation Tips for your Flat Panel HDTV

Choosing the best design for your home theater installation is a very crucial process if you want your home cinema to be a success. Even if you have the most advanced gadgets and appliances in the market today, if they are poorly installed and follow a poor room design, the movie experience will not be […]


Most Popular Speaker Trends for the Home

Although there are those who have home theater rooms that are dedicated exclusively for watching movies, most people only have multi-purpose rooms or living rooms where they watch films with their families. Multipurpose rooms are more practical and they cost lesser too. But people who have multiuse home cinemas should never compromise their speakers because […]


What to Do for a Good Home Theater Design

Most people who are too excited to build their own home cinemas make a mistake of not having an appropriate plan for the home theater design. The layout of your home cinema is a very crucial part in making the perfect space to watch a movie. Homeowners are sometimes too caught up with a lot […]


Quick Home Theater Audio Adjustments

The sound is a fundamental part of your movie experience and many home cinema owners know how important it is to achieve the perfect pitch and sound combination. Many people may hire professionals to wire all of their speakers together and install a sophisticated sound system. But there are actually a few quick and easy […]

Epson 3010 projector

The Essentials of a Home Theater Projector

If you want to create your own home cinema or convert a room into a movie room, the display or the screen should be one of your priorities to ensure that the movies will be viewed perfectly just like in a movie theater. Many television screens and models have been created but home theater projectors […]


Money Wasting Home Theater Errors

Paying for all of the gadgets for a home cinema costs a lot of money. The actual home theater installation performed by a professional would also incur more charges for the homeowners. With all the money involved in making this room the best that it can be, it would be devastating to have errors and […]