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Exposed vs. Hidden Home Theatre Projectors

A lot of homeowners who have home cinemas are opting for home theatre projectors because they save space and they can also show a larger picture compared to television screens. The question that they have in mind is whether to hide the projector or expose it for other people to see. Each of these instalment […]


How to Save Energy in your Home Theater

With all of the gadgets and equipment that are turned on and used altogether when watching a movie in your home theater room, the power usage can definitely surge up. Using too much power increases your monthly electricity bill and there are also effects to the environment. People have become more aware of the world’s […]


Tips to Enable Streaming in your Home Theater

With the increasing number of movies and shows that are available through the internet, many homeowners are already looking for ways on how their own home theatre system will be capable of streaming these online movies into their home cinemas. The good thing about having a system capable of streaming is that you do not […]


Advantages of Connecting your TV to the Web

There are a lot of new TVs and HDTV models today that already have the feature of connectivity to the internet. This will allow homeowners to wire their TVs and display on their bigger screens what they only usually see on the tiny screen of their computers. Although this is an increasing trend, there are […]


How to Update your Old Home Theater

There are numerous houses in the country that already have a home cinema for the family to watch movies and shows. Unfortunately, the home theater is one of the rooms that homeowners update the least because many of you would think that it is too costly and would take so much time. Luckily, there are […]


Buying a New House? Plan a Home Theater!

Even if the economy is still on the verge of recovery, there are a lot of people who are looking for homes to purchase because there are numerous great deals in the real estate industry today. If you and your family members are fond of watching high definition movies in the comforts of your own […]

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Custom Settings for a Home Automation System

One of the biggest trends in homes today is the installation of a home automation system. This will help homeowners to control different aspects of their houses from the lighting to the home theater system equipment. There are different brands of automation systems available today. Although choosing a reliable brand is important, the programming of the system […]


Do Home Theaters need a Subwoofer?

One of the secrets to having a good movie experience with your own home theater system equipment is the quality of the music and the sound of the movie. Having a good music quality can elevate the movie experience since it can give you heart pounding moments and can make you feel like you are […]

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Advantages of Buying an A/V Receiver

More and more individuals are wishing to to have their own home cinemas. Unfortunately, they either do not have the resources or they don’t have enough knowledge on how to set up the gadgets needed for the room to be completed. For beginners, this is a very challenging task since there are so many things […]

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Tips in Shopping for a Flat Panel HDTV

Setting up a home cinema is quite complicated. Home theater installation does not only include connecting the TV and the speakers together but it also begins in the process of choosing the right components of the home entertainment system and making sure that every appliance is compatible with the rest. One of the most important […]