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5 Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Movie Party

DIY movie nights are one of our personal favorites. It gives you the time to spend with your loved ones without having too spend much. Plus, it’s got the comfort and privacy you’ll never get in a movie house. If you’re hosting an outdoor movie party, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve lined […]

Surround Sound System and Outdoor Speakers

There are limitless options to choose when it comes to building and designing your own movie theater at home. A lot of us would prefer to install it inside the house. However, there are a number of people who likes to take risk and ventures the outdoors; thus, creating a whole new meaning and aspect […]

The Pros of Playing Video Games on a Projector Screen

The question of whether or not you can play video games on a projector screen depends on another question:  “why should you play video games on a projector screen?” There are certain reasons why this kind of visual aid is so much better than the standard television set or alternative computer monitor. Contrary to popular […]

The Significance of having Multichannel Speakers

Home entertainment cinemas aim to provide the family with a different kind of movie experience. Aside from good graphics from a wide screen TV, multichannel speakers are also very important. The Importance Speakers If ordinary people were to be asked on what is the most essential component of a home cinema, they would probably answer […]

Where To Get Your Gizmo Overload

Every January of each year, guests from all over the world converge in one place to drool over the latest and the greatest home theatre systems and other gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you have been invited to one or looking forward to attending it, there are a few items to watch […]

Exploring the Idea of a Wireless Surround Sound System

As far as installing a surround sound system in the home goes, one will almost always have to resign to the idea of dealing with wire placements or, at the very least, the concealment thereof. True sound enthusiasts would also know that this dilemma is only secondary to the challenge of how to position the speakers […]

Going Wireless on Surround Sound

Before deciding to pluck down a bundle on the surround sound system you have been eying for a while, you may need to size it up against what you have in your home first. Your video device, for instance, may have its own speakers that, given the size of your apartment, dorm room or living […]

Smart Home Audio Purchasing Moves

Browsing the store displays for your whole home audio and video equipment can easily overwhelm you if you jump right at it without doing your homework. Chances are, the models that you have been eying for some time would have been upgraded and packed with new features and housed in more sleek casings. In not […]

A Few Tips to Having Your Very Own Beautiful Home Entertainment System

When was the last time you went out to watch a movie? Can you still remember how it felt and how you enjoyed it? And would you want to experience the same feeling when you are watching films inside your house? Well, it is possible to get the same experience if you set up your […]