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Advantages of Connecting your TV to the Web

There are a lot of new TVs and HDTV models today that already have the feature of connectivity to the internet. This will allow homeowners to wire their TVs and display on their bigger screens what they only usually see on the tiny screen of their computers. Although this is an increasing trend, there are […]

Useful Tips in Mounting an LCD to the Wall l Toronto

Useful Tips in Mounting an LCD to the Wall

Gone are the days of the large box television screens that needed to be placed inside a cabinet or positioned on top of a stand. Today, most of the sets that you will find are flat panel TVs, flat LCDs, and Plasma Televisions that can be mounted on the wall. Mounting an LCD TV on […]

Home Theater Video Wall

Video Wall Installation

When you think of the ultimate home theater system, it might include a video wall where a number of widescreen TVs are put up on the wall to form one enormous screen. If you are an avid sports fan and the idea of missing even a single shot or goal is unthinkable, you can even […]

Projection Systems

Revisiting the HDTV Craze

Even with the inevitable flooding of 3D TVs and all the spanking the projection system models in the market, the hankering for HDTV has not totally abated yet. True, just like any electronic device that is well into its life cycle, the prices have become quite competitive. Those who have one in their living rooms […]

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LCD TV Picture Quality Improvement

While manufacturers like Panasonic are scrambling to roll out their 3DTVs there are still others like Sharp that are bent on improving the LCD TV. The 3D technology has presently remained iffy for some consumers due to a number of issues like the need for glasses just to watch your show on 3D, the picture […]

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The Mad Scramble for 3D TVs

Just as when you have gotten over the novelty of your impressive HDTV resolution, an upcoming addition—or replacement, if you must—to your home theater system has created waves in the market. Ever since the electronics conventions and shows have introduced the 3DTV to consumers and vendors, the buzz surrounding them has never ceased. With all […]

Kid-centric Game Room

The extent that your Plasma TV can be used for entertainment may surprise you. You can design your home theater, and game room around it without having the viewers fight for what movies to watch or games to play. Customizing your home with multi-room and multi-gadget connections to a large capacity media server will free […]

Blending Home Theater and Interior Design

A home theater system is an exciting project to work on especially if you can designate a room in the house for it. For most families, however, the entertainment center has to take some of your living room space, and its cables, sleek lines, and black or silver colors may not always go well with […]

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What to Look for in a Home Theater

Movie tickets are always going up and this is not a friendly thing given the current situation of the economy. This trend has led to an increase in the number of homeowners who think that it is time they install a home theatre in their residence. A lot of American families who think of moving […]