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Home Theatre Pricing: Thinking of Building a Custom Home Theater?

We get it! You want to know how much it’s all going to cost. Having said that, with home theatre pricing it’s pretty difficult to give exact figures because there are so many variables that go into pricing a Home Theater Solution. Giving you a price, sight unseen, would be dishonest and Toronto Home Theatre can only give you a rock solid quote after gathering all of the requirements and seeing the room during a consultation session. Instead, we can give you a few pretty good ranges of realistic pricing based on the experience of real Toronto Home Theatre Customers :

Our customers value us for the quality we provide.

For many of our customers, a home theatre system simply means making an investment in the installation of a quality TV or HD projector matched with a surround sound system – both specially selected for the room. Easy.

Home Theater Design

For other customers, however, home theatre design means something more extravagant

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Home Theater Products

YES we sell big TV's, 4K Projectors, Screens, Sonos, Receivers & Theater Seating

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Home Theater Installation

Install everything, including theater-style seating, custom cabinetry & the right lighting

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Custom Audio Furniture

The right audio furniture is essential to finish off your Home Theater room.

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“Toronto Home Theatre did an awesome job working within my budget to create a one of a kind Home Theatre room. They won’t let you spend money wastefully and will give you value for every dollar.”

— Paul: Bolton, Ontario

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