Thinking of Building a Custom Home Theater?

LED and Drop Down Projector Screen Home Theater

LED and Drop Down Projector Screen

It’s not difficult to go online and find a Home Theater Company that will be more than happy to throw some numbers at you.  The challenge with this scenario is that often when you’re finished building, you realize that you’ve gone way over your budget – and that’s what the other Home Theater guys are hoping for!

There are so many detailed variables revolving around the planning and building of a Custom Home Theater i.e.  the design of your room, custom furniture and cabinetry, in-wall speakers, wiring, lighting etc.  This is why we believe that an In-Home Consultation is absolutely imperative!

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Is The Consultation Fee Deductible?

100%. If you decide to work with Toronto Home Theater for your custom installation, the $99 consultation fee will be deducted from your invoice.

We will provide you with a quote in person, and give you a thorough breakdown of cost and recommendations as well as ANSWER EVERY QUESTION you have. Please fill out the form and we’ll call you to set a time and date.

Plain and simple: There is no Custom Home Theater Idea that is too big or too small. Want a flat panel above your bed, mounted on the ceiling with THX surround sound? Done. How about a simple, sleek LCD in your kitchen with in wall speakers that are tucked away neatly – no problem. We’ve got the talent, products and resources to turn your ideas into reality. Call today!