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Interior Design Show

Interior design in Canada has definitely evolved over the years. The interior designers and the suppliers for design and construction materials in the country has become at par with other major design capitals in the world. To celebrate the ideas of Toronto and to share the latest updates in the industry, the Interior Design Show […]

CrossMediaTO 2013

CrossmediaTO 2013

CrossmediaTO 2013 is a very special technology related event that will showcase the convergence of different media outlets and companies in Canada in one spectacular conference. For the year 2013, the event is scheduled on February 21 from 7:30 in the morning up to 7:00 o’clock in the evening. The venue will be at the […]

Design Trends Toronto

Design Trends Toronto is probably one of the most sought after design fairs in North America. This year, Design Trends Toronto will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the scheduled dates are November 28, 2012 to November 30, 2012. The main goal of this event is to create an […]

Tips in Soundproofing a Home Theater

Although the quality of the video that you see during a movie is a very important aspect of your viewing experience, the quality of the sound is also another essential item that you need to factor in. soundproofing is almost always necessary to all the home cinemas in each house so that the sound and […]

Guide to your Projector Screen Selection

Choosing a screen for the projector in your home entertainment room is not that easy. There are numerous factors that you should think about when buying the display. In order for you and your family to enjoy the best visual experience in your multimedia room, you need to find the right kind of projector to be […]

Sound and Audio Tips for Large Rooms

If some individuals are having trouble configuring the sound systems of their home cinemas because of limited amount of space, there are also those who are trying to figure out how they can achieve great acoustics in their large rooms. Spacious areas can be quite a challenge to install speakers because you need to make […]

Plasma TV Toronto

Are Plasma HDTVs Coming Back?

For many people who are very particular with the type of TVs and displays used in their home theater rooms, they may have been following the Plasma HDTV versus LCD TV battle for quite some time. If you ask the true technological junkies, plasma HDTVs have actually never been gone ever since it was introduced […]

3d tv toronto

Tips when Buying a 3D TV

There are many homeowners who are contented of putting large screens and high definition televisions in their home cinemas. For those who really would like to have the ultimate movie experience, a 3D television is the most preferred one. There are different brands in the market that offer 3D TV technology. Even if these brands […]


Tips on Setting up your Home Theater

Having your own cinema at home definitely gives you an advantage because you get to enjoy high quality movies and videos without having to line up in box offices and cinemas. Turning an empty or extra room in the house into a home cinema is actually not that difficult. All you need to do is […]

Lighting your Home Theater Room

When it comes to home cinemas, many people immediately rely on the HD television and the sound system to make the room successful. Although these components are the basic important factors of a home cinema room, one must not disregard the fact that lighting is also essential and it must be considered as well. Advantages […]