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As technology progresses, appliances like flat screen TVs have become very convenient that operating them doesn’t even require you too much effort.  Although this appliance is very advanced, there still are myths about home theater system sets that need to be cleared:

  1. Contains actual liquid – The term liquid in LCD refers the kind of crystal (liquid crystal) used for the television and not its actual material.
  2. Prone to burn-in images – Flat screen television sets block off light which makes burn-ins impossible to occur.
  3. They will last forever – Every appliance has its approximate shelf life, so it is unlikely to be functional until eternity.  Flat screen TVs could last for at least 7 years or more, depending on your usage.
  4. LCD and LED TVs are the same – Both items use different light sources (fluorescent vs. LED, respectively), making them different from each other.
  5. Too expensive – Higher demand for this appliance resulted to decreased costs.
  6. The bigger the better – Untrue since you need to consider your distance from the television as you use it.  Hence, bigger TVs will not work on smaller rooms.
  7. Difficult to install – Flat screen TVs are now easier to install but you may need help with the wall-mounting.
  8. Too much radiation – Flat screen TVs abide with the protocols of radiation emissions.
  9. Durability – Its durability greatly depends on proper mounting.
  10. Not good for action flicks – Improvements in LCD technology leads to better refresh rate which addresses this issue.
  11. Not energy-efficient – False especially for plasma TVs who are considered to be the best example of energy-efficient technology.
  12. Everything is HD – False since quality depends on what is being broadcasted (eg. not all TV stations are in HD)
  13. Digital is better – Digital TVs rely on signals for performance. Bad signals may not produce any output as compared to analog sets.
  14. Viewable from all angles – This untrue as image output decreases as you are away from the TV’s center.
  15. Branded cables – False. Usability must be a priority over brand names.
  16. Higher elevation – Not recommended as it may affect your posture.
  17. Recharging – False as these units are not battery-operated.
  18. 3D TV is expensive – Untrue as 3D programming is a feature, not a product.
  19. Uses dangerous gases – False since it uses non-flammable gases.
  20. Gas leaks – Unlikely because they are all tightly sealed products.