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10 Blunders To Avoid If Installing a Large TV

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Installing a large TV can be an exciting upgrade to your entertainment setup, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Here are some common blunders to avoid, ensuring your new screen is both a joy to watch and a safe addition to your home.

1. Position Matters – A Lot! First things first, the height at which you mount your TV is crucial. If it’s too low, you might as well be peering into a rabbit hole to catch your favorite shows. Too high? Prepare for a neck ache like watching a tennis match from the front row. The sweet spot? Aim to have the middle of the screen around 42 inches off the floor, aligning it with your eye level for that perfect, pain-free viewing angle​​.

2. Don’t Ignore the Studs. Remember, your TV isn’t exactly feather-light. Mounting it securely means anchoring it into the wooden studs behind your wall. Using hollow wall anchors? Think again. They’re about as reliable as a chocolate teapot, and you risk your TV crashing down, potentially turning your chic living space into a scene of an unfortunate accident​​​​.

3. Sunlight and Glare: The Unseen Culprits Ever tried to watch a movie with the sun glaring off the screen? Not fun. When choosing a spot for your TV, play detective with how light enters your room throughout the day. A western-facing window could be your biggest nemesis here, casting a glare on your screen just as you settle down for evening entertainment. A little pre-planning can save you a world of squinting and frustration​​​​.

4. Above the Fireplace? Think Again Mounting your TV above the fireplace might look stylish, but it’s a recipe for discomfort and potentially damaging your TV. The height is usually too high for comfortable viewing, and the heat from the fireplace can shorten your TV’s lifespan quicker than you can say “season finale.” Plus, ash and soot are not the kind of accessories your TV needs​​​​.

5. Cable Chaos Let’s talk cables. They can turn your sleek, wall-mounted TV into an electrician’s nightmare. Planning for cable management is crucial. In-wall cable systems are great for hiding those pesky wires, ensuring your setup remains as neat as a pin. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a spider web of cables that could ruin the aesthetic of your room​​​​.

6. The Lone Wolf Installation Mounting a TV is not a solo mission. These screens can be heavy and unwieldy. Dropping it is like watching your money shatter into a thousand pieces. Get a buddy to help, ensuring both your TV’s safety and a properly aligned installation. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work​​.

7. Level Up Your Installation Game Eyeballing the levelness of your TV mount is as risky as guessing the right amount of chili in a recipe. Use a level to ensure your TV isn’t wonky unless you prefer a slanted view of the world​​.

8. Choosing the Right Mount The type of mount you choose can make or break your viewing experience. Swivel, tilt, or fixed – the choice should complement your room’s layout and viewing angles. This decision is as crucial as choosing the right TV itself​​.

9. Preparing for the Future Imagine having to re-arrange your perfectly mounted TV setup just to add new devices. Plan ahead and run a few extra cables through the wall or cable management system. This foresight can save you a headache when you decide to expand your home entertainment system​​.

10. When in Doubt, Call the Pros Not everyone is a DIY enthusiast, and that’s perfectly okay. If mounting a TV sounds as daunting as climbing Everest, consider hiring a professional. They have the know-how and tools to get the job done right, saving you both time and potential mishaps​​.

Remember, a little forethought and preparation can go a long way in ensuring your TV wall-mounting experience is less of a drama and more of a smooth sitcom. Happy viewing!