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3D TV Glasses: What you need to know

There are several technologies being developed which will produce 3D images without the need for 3D glasses. Unfortunately, this technology has yet to arrive. For this reason, if you purchase a 3D TV you will also have to buy the glasses that go along with it – if you want to experience the full effect.

There are three types of 3D glasses that you are able to purchase. They include: anaglyph, polarized, and active shutter. While the first two options start at a couple dollars each, most consumer oriented televisions will require active shutter glasses. Along with this, you will be required to purchase those that match your television set. A pair of active shutter 3D glasses will set you back roughly $100.

Buying a 3D TV is not going to be enough. Instead, you will also need 3D glasses so that you can take full advantage of this new technology. While a pair of these will cost some money, it is well worth it.