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Can Surround Speakers Be Used For Music?

Well, the short answer is yes. You can use surround sound speakers for music because technically, they’re still speakers. Just stream your playlist or go old school by popping on your favorite CD or even USB. However, just because you can technically listen to music in surround sound mode, doesn’t mean you should. That’s because it’s very rare to get music that’s been digitally mastered in surround sound tech. It’s not very common at all so ordinary music still works best with the stereo interface. Curious about the specifics? Well, then take a peek at the detailed explanation below on speakers.

What’s the Primary Difference Between Stereo and Surround Sound?

Stereo sound features 2 speakers, the left and right one. Meanwhile, the surround sound speakers you asked your home theater pro to install are composed of usually 5 or 7 speakers. Typically, there’s the right and left (the standard stereo), plus other sound mixers that vary based on your chosen speaker set’s specs. Surround sound has more speakers because the goal is to provide you with an immersive experience. You will feel a realistic vibe when watching movies since the sound is surrounding you instead of coming from just one area. It is designed this way to make the sound more realistic since it comes from multiple directions. Besides, videos played in surround sound are also mastered or polished using this type of technology so you can hear the different layers of sound, may it be music, speaking voices, explosions, car engines, etc. 

What Happens If I Attempt to Play Music in Surround Sound?

Bear in mind that music is usually recorded in mono. Then, later on, it is mastered in stereo. For this reason alone, you should listen to music in stereo to ensure you’re listening to the best sound quality. Although you can go ahead and attempt to stream your favorite ditties in surround sound, the only result you can expect is to make the audio louder. Playing music in surround sound will not improve quality and more often, you can expect a bit of sound distortion. And who wants that, right? For best results, listen to your fav playlist properly with a stereo set.

Is it Possible to Get Music Mastered in Surround Sound? 

Although it’s very rare, you can find some music that’s been digitally mastered in surround for certain music DVDs. Additionally, if you have a multichannel mix like a multi-channel SACD, DVD-A, or a lossless Blu-ray, then a surround sound system works well for that music. But for the majority of the population without access to this, and since these types of music DVDs are rare, listening to music in a two-channel stereo is the way to go. 

Again, just because you have a surround sound system setup doesn’t mean you automatically have to listen to your music recorded in stereo on many speakers or via multichannel mode. Stereo works exemplary well for music and your stereo setup is just fine. However, for gaming and watching movies, it’s another story. If you’re not sure about what to do, speak with a home theater professional. They can give you sage advice on the best kind of audio system to use for your home.