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Choosing a big screen for your home theater system

Given a hefty budget, you would probably be spending on the best materials and appliances in the market to make your dream house a reality. Same can be said with planning out a home theatre system for your entertainment room.

But first, let’s go down to the basics. Here’s what every home theater needs: A universal remote, a superb sound system, roomy and comfortable couches, adjustable lighting and a big screen. In popular opinion, it is said that ‘a movie is not a movie without the big screen.’ With that in mind, which screen fits the best? Here are the popular options: the LCD screen, the LED screen and the Projector.

The dawn of flat tubes started with the LCD screen. LCD screens are one of the ‘primitive’ flat screen variations to date. Mostly, the screens of LCD televisions are made out of plasma. Therefore, it short life span of two to three years. Another setback of LCD screen TV’s is that they cannot be repaired. If your LCD screen TV is busted, then you’ll have to buy a replacement.

The next option is the LED TV. Made of minute pixel pictures, this TV has crisper images. You can even view 3D videos on an LED TV. However, if you want a bigger LED screen, then you’ll have to shell out bigger bucks as large LED screens are quite expensive.

Projectors, on the other hand, has become one of the best options for home theaters. With that being said, a projector can give you the feel of being in a movie house as oppose to the above big screen options. It is portable and is easier to maintain. A home theatre with a projector can also make a movie room more discreet. Since images are projected in a wide screen, storage is not a problem. Also, the size of the images can be adjusted depending on how near or far you position your projector onto the screen.

Whatever your option is, it is still best to find out which home theatre design works best for you. Bottom line is, a home theater must be a place where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the movie you are watching in the comforts of your own home.