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Even if you own a small house with rooms that are not very spacious, you will still be able to achieve your dream of having a home cinema. As the famous quote says, size does not matter.

No matter if the only available room that you have in the house is small, a few tricks and tips can maximize the entire space to make your home theater a favorite room.

If you have questions on how you can convert a small room into a home cinema, read the items below to find out.

  • Where should you put all the gadgets to save room space? One of the common questions that homeowners ask when making a home cinema layout is how they can maximize the space inside the small room while fitting all of the gadgets inside. Well, the secret here is in the wiring and the mounting of the gadgets that you have. Because you still want the room to remain spacious, what you can do is to mount and install the gadgets into your walls. Using a cabinet with compartments will also be better than just having your gadgets lying around or placing them on tabletops. Cabinets will allow more gadgets to be placed in a single area without using too much floor space. Do not be afraid to get creative, there are speakers that can even be mounted to the ceiling. This will save you space and will also add a seamless look to the room. Choosing smaller gadgets will also help. Slighter tools do not mean they are less powerful.
  • How to improve sound balance in a small room? Another concern that homeowners have is how they can hear balanced acoustics in a small room. Without much space, many homeowners believe that sound won’t bounce properly which could lead to poor music. The ultimate tip here is to correctly place your surround sound speakers around the room. Small position changes like adding a space between the speakers and the walls, or lowering the front speakers to the level of the ears will instantly improve sound quality.
  • What should be the size of my television? Television size is relative depending on the preference of the homeowners. But you should choose a television size that will be comfortable to watch and will be appropriate for the size of the room. Some people may like bigger screens especially those who sit in the front row seats of actual movie theaters; while some would want it smaller.