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If you’re contemplating upgrading your home theater experience, you could build yourself a home cinema and invest in a good quality projector and screen, with matching surround sound and comfy seats. For sure, you’ll be amazed by the stunning visuals and sounds, and don’t be surprised if family and friends would prefer to do movie nights at your place. 

But renovating your home to accommodate a home theater will cost a bit of money. Hence, you may be wondering if home theater installation is a good idea. Will it add to your home’s resale value if you were to sell it in the future? Could it make the sale of your home faster if you were to renovate it before listing it on the market? If you’re thinking of amplifying your space with a home theater or if you have an existing one, find out how this addition affects home value. 

Will a Dedicated Home Cinema Boost Resale

In a post-Covid environment, home theaters are considered a premium addition to any property, which new home buyers tend to look for. Now, most people appreciate the importance of staying at home and engaging in at-home activities, so having a beautiful home theater is certainly a major plus that could help you command a higher selling price. 

Modern people appreciate getting a cinema-like experience from home without being surrounded by a throng of people they hardly know in public movie houses. In fact, in many high-end communities, not having a home theater could detract buyers from completing the sale. Many prospective homebuyers who enjoy streaming movies just feel more excited when they see that a home theater is part of a home’s selling point. 

Should a Home Be Upgraded Before Selling

If you’re making an upgrade for the reason of selling your home faster, think long and hard about it. For starters, renovating and adding a home theater for the purpose of selling faster and asking for a higher price doesn’t guarantee a quick turnaround or the sale price you wish for. You may just be disappointed by the slow return.

Second, the cost of doing the upgrades may lessen your potential profits. Ideally, you should get upgrades so you can enjoy the home theater experience, with its crystal clear screen and vibrant audio coming from surround sound speakers

Finally, keep in mind that several factors come into play when it comes to renovating before selling, which may impact the home’s sale price: 

  • The area matters because more affluent neighborhoods may expect a home theater.
  • How robust the market is may also come into play because supply may max out appraised values or go beyond it. 
  • The type of upgrades individual homeowners make could also affect the price as some home theater equipment are really more premium in terms of quality compared to other brands. 

Do the Math and Make a Sound Choice

Make space for a home theater system in your home if you enjoy watching movies, playing games, or listening to music. The increase in home value is just an added bonus. Though adding a home theater if you’ve got room to accommodate it is a great choice, don’t do it just because you want to sell your house faster. 

A home theater may add a little bit of value to your house but not as much as revamping a bathroom, renovating the keychain, or adding another bedroom. Moreover, you must be aware that if you add a room and not just renovate an existing one, this will extend the square footage of your home. Consequently, this could result in higher property taxes and different insurance premiums. For the best outcomes, always shop around for quotes. Do the math so you can make an educated choice and avoid disappointment.