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Essential Facts about Video Projectors

More homeowners today are dedicating one room in the house to be converted into a home cinema where the family can watch movies without going to real theaters.

Having a home theater is actually a very nice idea but in order for the viewers to have a good movie experience, the cinema room must be very well arranged with all the equipment and appliances.

Home Cinema Components

One of the components of a home cinema is the large screen where the video output will be seen. It is always important to remember that the video output is as important as the sound system. More people are looking into changing their televisions in their home cinemas to home theater projectors instead.

  • These projectors bring high definition images and the output can be seen on any flat white surface like a wall in the room.
  • The images are big and they can also be resized compared to the limited capabilities of a television.
  • If you ask experts, they may suggest that you get a video projector for your home cinema room instead of a flat screen television. But before making any decisions, you should always do your research. There are many video projectors that are for sale today.

Types of Projectors

If you go inside an appliance shop and look for a video projector, the store clerk might ask you what type of video projector you are looking for. Well, there are three major types of projectors and these are:

  1. LCD Projectors
  2. CRT Projectors
  3. DLP Projectors
  • Any of these projectors can be used in your home theatre system but you need to be aware of the pros and the cons of each type. The basic differences of the three are the mechanisms inside and the mode of image scanning.
  • If you want a video projector for your home cinema, you must consider the size of the room. You need to consult the store clerk regarding the distance of the projector and the wall wherein the image will be clear and crisp. If this distance cannot be met by the room, then buying a projector will not be the best option.
  • Projectors are also very portable and they can easily be repositioned if needed. Connecting a projector to a video source like a laptop or a DVD player is also pretty easy. You can even watch 3D movies with video projectors especially the LCD and DLP types.