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Exploring the Idea of a Wireless Surround Sound System

As far as installing a surround sound system in the home goes, one will almost always have to resign to the idea of dealing with wire placements or, at the very least, the concealment thereof. True sound enthusiasts would also know that this dilemma is only secondary to the challenge of how to position the speakers themselves to bring out the optimum surround sound listening experience. On top of these, unless you can spare a room to turn into a home theater, you will still have to retain the relaxing or welcoming ambiance that you have in your living space. In other words, the speakers must not peek out from behind your family’s collection of photo frames or jut out from an empty wall. Being able to eliminate one of these nuisances may warm up a few to the idea of decking out their home theater system with surround sound. If a manufacturer eliminates a couple, then maybe they can hold most homeowners’ attention.

Enter the solution in the form of a wireless surround sound device that many manufacturers are offering. True, these models come without wires except for the one that goes into the outlet. You will still need to, however, go through the trial and error challenge of finding and camouflaging the speakers around your room, especially the rear ones, to get the best surround sound you need. Polk Audio has attempted to do away with even that. Its wireless surround speaker goes to the back of the room and utilizes the Digital Signal Processing technology that can simulate the surround sound quality without having to rely from individual speakers for the sound. To the listener’s ear, the sound cannot be distinctly pointed out to be coming from that single rear speaker. You only have to connect its transmitter and set the switch to correspond to its mount and you will be good to go. The rest of the guesswork that plagues many an installation has been taken off your hands. Its compact and sleek design is unobtrusive enough for that empty console table behind most couches, but if you wish, a discreet spot on the floor or on the shelf will do fine as well. With Polk Audio, the possibilities for wireless surround sound are indeed promising for any homeowner looking for a clutter-free home theater installation.