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Guide to your Projector Screen Selection

Choosing a screen for the projector in your home entertainment room is not that easy. There are numerous factors that you should think about when buying the display.

In order for you and your family to enjoy the best visual experience in your multimedia room, you need to find the right kind of projector to be added to your home theatre system.

Here are the things that you should consider when buying a new projector screen.

  • Type of Screen.

There are different types of projector screens based on installation. You should choose the one that is most appropriate for your usage.

  • If you have a multimedia room and you want the screen to transfer from one portion of the room to the other, then a portable screen will be right for you.
  • Manual screens are the most popular since they are very easy to install and stress-free to keep too.
  • Electronic screens are one of the most expensive types but they are the best units in terms of convenience because they can be operated automatically.
  • Fabric of the Screen.

The screen fabric is very important consideration that you need to know about before buying any type of monitor in the store.

If you ask experienced personnel, you will be told that the fabric of the screen can dictate the quality of the image that the audience will be seeing.

Some fabrics are made for rooms with minimal lightings because they reflect maximum light. Also, some screens are produced for bright rooms because they only reflect light that is directed to it from the projector. The reflectivity of the screen is determined by the grain measurement.

  • Screen Color.

There are two colors that are used in projector screens today and these are white and gray.

White screens can reflect more light while gray screens have better color contrasts because it can reflect selective light from the room.

  • Size.

The size of the screen should also be chosen correctly. You must base it on the distance of the seats to the wall and the types of home theater projectors that you have at home too.

Square screens may be common in offices but home cinema rooms have wider monitors usually in a 4:3 ratio. This is the best type of display for video format.

There are also large 16:9 HDTV screens which will be perfect for widescreen viewing. Your choice of size should also be suitable for the type of screen installation that you will be using.