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If you think the lack of a fully decked out home theater system will hold you back in hosting a super bowl party, then think again. You can bring the fun into your home with a few key items and be assured that your friends will still have a great time.

The first thing on your list should be the food, but you need not get all fancy about this either. Your guests should be more than pleased if you keep foods they can grab with their fingers, such as chips and dips, appetizer trays, sandwiches, and pizza, flowing throughout the game rather than serve up a lavish spread and then run out before the game ends.

Keeping a good stock of disposable plates and utensils will save you from the dreaded after-party clean-up chores. You can also welcome all offers to bring desserts or salads so you can have more variety in your table.

Next, inspect your audio and video equipment. If you have a wide-screen Plasma TV in your living room, that should suffice. However, you can also bring out any other TV you have tucked somewhere like in your bedroom or your son’s room and set it up in your party space. That way, your guests can spread out and not crowd around a single TV.

With more TVs running the show, you will not be missing out on any of the interesting commercials that everyone will be as hyped up about the next day as they will be about the game itself. If you have some speakers lying around, this is also the time to put them to good use. Check your furniture placement and set these up accordingly to amp up the excitement of the game.

Having an assortment of beverages on hand is also as important as the treats, so make sure you stock up on beers, sodas, juices and water. If your friends have their preferred drinks, feel free to suggest that they bring these to your party. Betting on your favorite team is a big part of the super bowl so some gambling can add more interest to your party. You can gamble at random, bet on scores, and get creative on how you give out the prizes. Just be sure to collect all bills before you start so you have something to give out as soon as someone wins.