Which Home Theater Display is Right For Me? We get this question a lot, and guess what… There’s no right answer! The type of home theater display you choose is completely subjective to your room and what your overall entertainment demand will be.
Plasma TV and Speakers

Plasma and Speakers

Plasma Displays

For the everyday, standard home theater installation – plasma televisions are rock solid.  They’re affordable and if taken care of can last up to 15 years.  We’re familiar with all brands, including Panasonic and Samsung.

If you’re thinking about installing a plasma above your fireplace, give us a call first – you’ll be glad you did!

LCD above Fireplace with AV Rack

LCD above Fireplace

LCD Displays

LCD displays have come a long way since refresh rates and pixels.  Today you can buy a high quality LCD display for the same price as a plasma – with a noticeably higher resolution of course!

We’ve installed tons of custom home theaters and can install any display anywhere – quite literally!

LED TV Installation in Bedroom

LED TV Bedroom

LED Displays

LED displays are slimmer than plasma or LCD, and they require less power to operate – which makes it the Eco-friendly display! We recommend LED’s for their ease of installation and light weight versatility.

They are pricier than the others, but the benefits of owning an LED easily outweigh the extra expense.

3D TV Installation

3D TV Installation

3D TV Displays

Digital 3D Television and entertainment may be new to some of you, but kid you not, 3D televisions are the future and Toronto Home Theater likes to stay on top of the game – in case you haven’t noticed!

Our installers are fully qualified to install standard and custom 3D Home Theater systems.

These are just a few examples of why choosing the right home theater display is so important – and we’ll be the first to tell you that installing a display in the ceiling of your shower isn’t exactly what we call “optimal”.

We can get you the display you want, and give you recommendations as to why another model may be better suited. We believe in the products we represent – and even use them ourselves – so give us a call today!