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Epson LS500 Packages

Introducing Epson EpiqVision™ Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV

With an immersive 4K HDR3 viewing experience, the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV1 represents a new generation of digital projection that redefines the everyday television experience by offering a stunning 100″ picture.

  • Immersive 100″ Display
  • New Ultra-Short Throw Laser-Array Technology
  • 4K PRO-UHD2 Projection Technology
  • Incredibly Bright Picture
  • 10-bit HDR3 Color Processing

Product Description

A Complete Solution

Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV1 includes an ultra-short-throw laser projector with an ultra-high-resolution, ambient-light-rejecting screen for an exceptionally bright, colorful and sharp picture

Ultra-short-throw Laser-Array Technology

A new type of laser projection that produces a stunning 100″ display, while being just inches from the wall itself. No complex wiring or ceiling mount required.

Beautiful 100″ ALR Screen

High-resolution ambient-light-rejecting screen produces an amazing wide-angle viewing experience with virtually zero glare.

4K PRO-UHD2 Projection Technology

Advanced processing for resolution enhancement, color and image processing, resulting in an exceptionally sharp picture