Stealth Acoustics

Stealth In Wall Invisible Speakers

Stealth Acoustics B22 Woofer

Invisible Speakers With Visible Results.

When it comes to “invisible speakers” for home audio, there is one brand that Toronto Home Theater remains loyal to – Stealth Acoustics.

Having a home audio set up that calls for the installation of multiple speakers, while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding decor can be extremely tricky.  Not to mention most big box electronic stores will tell you the basics of in-wall speakers and might even offer you a few out-of-the-box solutions, but rarely will you leave feeling more confident about your decision.

The freedom of invisibility is what Stealth Acoustics is all about – and our professional installers have mastered the fine art of hiding speakers without degrading the audio quality.  This results in a home theater that not only looks amazing, but sounds great and is completely free of visible speakers, stands and wiring.

Though the average Joe Handyman is very capable of slapping up some dry wall and laying a few wires, the proper installation of Stealth Acoustics products can be the difference between audible ecstasy and a renovation nightmare.  Toronto Home Theater is available to answer your home audio questions.

If you’re considering Stealth Acoustics for your home theater, watch this short video below and give us a call when you’re finished – 416-840-5537.