A home theater system is never complete without a big flat screen TV.  But with the costs that come with large flat screen TV’s, many wonder how they can complete their dream home theater system without putting a huge dent on their wallets.

But there’s another option:  home theater projectors.  They’re cheaper, lighter and are not difficult to set up.

Today’s generation of projectors have come a long way and some may even provide the same quality of videos as an LCD TV for a lesser cost.  One such example is the LCOS or Liquid Crystal on Silicon projectors, which is more like a hybrid of LCD and DLP.

But are they necessarily the better option to big flat screen TV’s?  Here are a few pros to using projectors with your home theater system:

  • Projectors are not limited to screen size, unlike LCD TV’s.  You can view movies or videos in an entire wall, or a small screen with a few adjustments on the projector to fit.  So you can turn your home theater system into a perfect venue for sportsball team events or movie marathon nights.
  • Projectors are easier on the eyes, too!  Since they’re not as bright as LCD TV’s, you won’t have to worry about straining your eyes when watching movies on a larger screen.
  • Projectors are certainly more portable than large flat screen TV’s.  If you want to view your videos or movies on your backyard, it’s possible with a projector.  Granted that you have a power supply where you can plug the projector, you can turn your backyard into a mini drive-thru or cinema where you can enjoy movies with your family or special someone under the stars.
  • And since they’re portable, they’re much easier to hide or stash away when not in use.

But like anything else, they are not without Cons.  For starters, light can be a big problem with projector screens.  There is no way you can view your videos or movies on a projector with even the ambient lights on and the windows or shades open as any light can wash out the image.  Second, there’s no way you can play with your Xbox Kinect or Wii as you will be standing in front of the screen, thus blocking the image.

And lastly, projectors don’t come with receivers and speakers.  So you’ll also have to invest in a good surround sound system.