Q & A Videos

Simple home theater design and installation questions we are used to hearing answered by our Lead Installer Mike Widerman.

  • Why should I choose Toronto Home Theater?
  • Where is the best place to set up a home theater room?
  • What kind of screen will produce the best image?
  • What is the best size for a projection screen?
  • Do you sell products as well as do the installation?
  • Can’t I get a Big flat screen (LED, LCD, Plasma) for less money?
  • Can I play video games on a projector and screen set up?
  • Can a home theater be added to a “finished room” in my home?

Why Should I choose Toronto Home Theater Company? Why Should I choose Toronto Home Theater Company?

What Kind of Screen Gives Me the Best Image? What is the Best Size For a Projection Screen?

Do You Sell Home Theater Systems and Install it as Well? This is the title

Can I Play Video Games on a Projector Screen? Can Home Theaters Be Added To Finished Rooms?


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