TV Above A Fireplace?

Plasma Above Fireplace

Plasma Above Fireplace

At Toronto Home Theater, ask us for our detailed explanation about whether or not you should mount a flat panel. These designs save space, and look nice in magazines, but in real life, mounting a television over a fireplace causes problems:

1)  Above the fireplace mounting can shorten the lifespan of your television, especially a plasma TV

2)  Fireplace installations force viewers to look up to see the screen – televisions should usually be placed just below eye level, for optimal comfort and picture quality.

One exception to this is wall mounting a TV in a bedroom, where you will be viewing it while laying down. This will ensure optimum viewing pleasure.

There ARE alternatives to mounting a plasma or other television above your fireplace.  Our experts at Toronto Home Theater can offer suggestions that will be both attractive and functional.

We highly recommend speaking with our experienced staff on this matter before having this type of installation. We expect you will be surprised by what you will hear!