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Revisiting the HDTV Craze

Even with the inevitable flooding of 3D TVs and all the spanking the projection system models in the market, the hankering for HDTV has not totally abated yet. True, just like any electronic device that is well into its life cycle, the prices have become quite competitive. Those who have one in their living rooms can easily afford to upgrade to a bigger screen size or put one in every bedroom of the house. Consumers, however, may not just be grabbing these units off the shelves for the reason that the prices have gone down or because they want to impress their friends with the size of their TV. One of the reasons why HDTV still holds its own in this fast-changing, technology-obsessed market is simple: it just delivers.

In terms of picture quality, the HDTV has raised the bar on our definition of what a Plasma or LCD TV can be. With a sharper resolution and better contrast, the HD technology has given the Plasma richer colors and less blurry movements. Because of this, the viewing angle issues of most TVs are downplayed so you can be free to sit anywhere and can still enjoy the vivid display. The LCD TV has improved as well because you get to have a better viewing experience and at the same time, you know that you are saving energy. The option of being able to mount your LCD HDTV on the wall does not hurt either.

While many households had long embraced the HDTV, many of the channels are still catching up in formatting their shows into HDTV and for good reason. The equipment they would be needing to do this requires them to put in a sizable investment. There is still much to be done in this aspect of HDTV and you cannot do anything but wait for your favorite shows and movies to switch to the HD format. For this same reason, consumers could also be delaying the upgrade to 3DTV. While the technology is ready to give them that out of this world viewing experience, the content is still lagging way behind. Any 3DTV purchase would, at this time at least, mean watching the same format as before without being able to enjoy the very feature that you made you buy the TV in the first place. Thus, the HDTV craze may not be as frantic as when it first started, but it will still be sticking around for awhile.