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The Most Anticipated Shows This Fall 2019

Before fall, you should start looking for professional TV installers to watch at your very own home theater room the upcoming shows and not miss out with the fun.


Premiers September 26, NBC

NBC’s ‘The Good Place’ season four is one of the anticipated series this fall. Unfortunate news for the fans of the show, the creator and executive producer of the show, Michael Schur announced this season as the season finale.

The premiere of the first episode would be about the gang experimenting on Michael’s neighborhood, and trying to prove that human beings are capable of redemption. This is a goodbye to the stories of Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, Chini, Janet, and Michael.

Can’t wait how this would end.


Premiers on October 6, The CW

Batwoman is from a DC Comics that is going to be newly adapted series by The CW. The character of Batwoman/ Kate Kane is portrayed by Ruby Rose with a mission to defeat the villain, Alice. The setting of the movie is on Arrowverse where Batman excitedly left. The show also gives a mark for the LGBTQ community since Kate Kane is an open lesbian, which is not usual in mainstream superheroes.


Premiers October 9, The CW

We’ve encountered Nancy Drew as the famous young female detective.  The CW is happy to inform you about the upcoming release of this new series. The series gives Nancy Drew the tasks to unravel murder cases that connect in some supernatural threats happening in the town.

Nancy Drew was based on the book of Carolyne Keene about teen detectives. The series will be a complete mystery and a few action scenes. The premiere episode is all about the main character, Nancy Drew, who faces the death of her mother in the summer tight after graduation. The problem prevents her from going to college since she becomes one of the primary suspects for her mother’s death. With Nancy’s determination, she gets to the bottom of the mystery and solves the murder herself.


Premieres on October 10, The CW

Supernatural has been one of the longest-running series in America. The show has been airing for 14 years and is now finally ending with its 15th season. The season continues with the demon hunter brothers’ misadventures including Misha Collins’ Castiel. The story also boomed because of the potential queer relationship between Dean and Castiel. A lot of people call it “queerbaiting” (a term used by authors and writers to attract LGBTQ audience by giving off a same-sex relationship between characters). Another highlight for this season is revealing whether the tension between Castiel and Dean will come to an end.

This will have a 20 episodes’ series. For Supernatural fans, get ready to say goodbye to the longest-running show and considered as one of the best series in time.


Premieres on October 12, Crunchyroll and FunimationNow

Anime fans are shaking for this season of My Hero Academia. If you have been watching this anime, you’ll be thrilled for the upcoming season this fall. This first episode will begin on heroes internship and let’s not forget Izuku Midoriya’s struggle to refine and master the control of his quirk. The season also introduces a new set of heroes and villains. Funimation and Crunchyroll have yet to confirm if the show will be simultaneously aired and dubbed.

This season will not solely focus on Midoriya, and instead establish the My Hero Academia Big Three who are Tamaki, Amajiki, Nejire Hado, and Mirio Togata. These heroes will help in mentoring new students to develop their approach to life and fighting styles as well.

Since we don’t want to tell you everything, the internship would play a big role in this season of My Hero Academia, and also for the other seasons to come.


Premieres on November 12, Disney Plus

The Mandalorian is the first live-action television show that connects with Star Wars. The show is included in the company’s headline because it’ll be on the new streaming service, which is Disney Plus.

The show is about the Mandalorian warrior in the original Star Wars Trilogy which was inspired by Jango and his son, Boba Fett. There’s a lot more to know about The Mandalorian, if you are a fan of the Star Wars, this can quench your thirst for the upcoming Star Wars movie this 2020.


Premieres October 2019, HBO

This show would follow HBO’s big 2019 hits, Chernobyl and Game of Thrones. Watchmen is another superhero drama series based on DC Comics. The executive producer and writer of this series, David Lindelof, received reaction and hateful comments because Moore was against making this show an adaptation. The people also considered that the series wouldn’t be the same as what’s written in the novel, which is why David Lindelof was compelled to adapt the novel. This series is expected to be a bit different from the expected outcome, and the cast wouldn’t be the same from its film adaptation in 2009.


Premieres October 2019, CBS

A lot of people compare Criminal Minds with Supernatural since they have been one of the longest-running shows. Criminal minds are about a group of people who studies Behavioral Analysis for the FBI. They investigate and work out how criminals mind work so they can predict their next move.

Unfortunately for the fans, this show will be the final season. Good thing though is some characters would be coming back for this season. Cast and Crews from the show have given hints on the final episodes that it’ll be a “tearjerker.”

It seems like most upcoming shows are its season finale which fans should look forward to this fall.  For the fans whose favorite shows would be ending, don’t be sad because there are tons of new series to binge on several sites and apps. You can also expect an amazing season since casts and crews have poured their everything in it.