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Useful Tips in Mounting an LCD to the Wall

Gone are the days of the large box television screens that needed to be placed inside a cabinet or positioned on top of a stand. Today, most of the sets that you will find are flat panel TVs, flat LCDs, and Plasma Televisions that can be mounted on the wall.

Mounting an LCD TV on the wall can be a tricky process because you do not want all the wires and connections to show. If you are competent enough to perform home improvement projects, you can do this by yourself. But if you have no idea how to accomplish this task at all, you will be better off if you hire professionals to do the TV mounting and the rest of your home theater installation too.

For those who can do this project by themselves, here are some useful tips on how you can mount your LCD or Plasma TV on the wall of your home cinema, multipurpose room, or living room.

  • Choose the correct wall.
  • When mounting a TV on the wall, consider where the audience of the TV will be facing.
  • Check if the wall you want to hang the TV on is actually an interior wall that you can easily bore holes through. You might encounter some problems when you are mounting on an exterior wall because of the internal obstructions.
  • Check the model of your TV. Although most flat screen TV and Plasma models today are capable of being mounted to the wall, there are still flat TVs that are only intended to be placed on a stand.
  • Check the manual or the box of your TV unit to see if you can mount it.
  • If it isn’t stated there, look at the back portion of your TV if there are any threaded screws (at least 4), which determine if the unit could be mounted or not.
  • Look for the wall studs.
  • To ensure that the weight of the TV will not tear the wall down, you have to find where the locations of the wall studs are so that you can anchor the wall mount directly to the studs. This factor should be included when you are planning your home theater design.
  • As a general rule, an LCD TV would have to be mounted on at least one wall stud while a Plasma TV which is heavier needs to be mounted on at least two wall studs.