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If you’re curious about the kind of sound system that movie theaters use because you want to copy that in your home theater installation, the answer is it depends on the movie theater or company hosting the screening. For example, IMAX Theaters typically utilize the IMAX sound system, Dolby Cinemas use Dolby Atmos Sound Systems, while some movie chains utilize THX surround sound. 

However, experts say the most common sound system for movie theaters is typical Dolby Digital, especially the 5.1 digital audio. Dolby Labs began in the 60s, and they’re the first company renowned for working on the reduction of background noise in analog recordings. By the early 80s, they had a surround sound system for the best audio experience for moviegoers. If you’re looking for a speaker system for your home theater, the 5.1 one is a good choice. 

Why Use a 5.1 System for Your Home Cinema? 

The 5.1 surround sound system format comes with speakers in the front, left, and right. Moreover, it comes with two additional speakers for vibrant sound effects and one subwoofer for a robust sound experience. This system works well for movie theaters, home cinemas, gaming setups, and internet websites. 

Many experts say this system has grown to be the benchmark for quality sound for home cinemas. It offers a more immersive audio perception compared to a regular stereo with two channels. Furthermore, you have many options from various brands so it’s easy to deck out your home entertainment system. 

How to Buy a Home Speaker System You Won’t Regret? 

Buying a home theater speaker system is an investment so making the right choice is paramount. This can be overwhelming without a plan, so here are some necessary considerations before you commit to a set: 

Stick to a Budget: Setting a spending limit for big expenses is always an excellent idea. Factor in additional purchases like accessories, shelving, speaker stands, and the like. 

Plan the Space: Visualize where you intend to put the speaker components. Will they blend well with your furniture? Map out the space layout before making a purchase. 

Select a Style: Speakers come in different stylish finishes so pick one that reflects your preference, whether it’s a sleek modern look or a classic set with hardwood touches. 

Complete the Components: Make sure your 5.1 speaker set has all the necessary wiring and plugs to connect to your gadgets. Select the correct power and wire length to meet requirements. 

Peruse Different Brands: Make it a point to shop around to compare prices. Different brands have promotions, so pick one that brings down the price without sacrificing quality. 

When In Doubt, Seek Professional Advice 

If you want to make sure that you don’t waste your money on a dud system and don’t mess up the installation, speak with a home theater installation professional. These experts can ensure that your home theater cinema will have the same sound quality as a commercial movie house. 

They can help you evaluate your home’s space and plan a good layout for the most cinematic viewing and listening experience. We can also make sure your speakers are compatible with other devices like PlayStation, Blu-Ray players, Xbox 360, cable set-top boxes, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service representatives so we can get started on designing your space.