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A Few Tips to Having Your Very Own Beautiful Home Entertainment System

When was the last time you went out to watch a movie? Can you still remember how it felt and how you enjoyed it? And would you want to experience the same feeling when you are watching films inside your house? Well, it is possible to get the same experience if you set up your home theater system right.

Here’s what to do first. You must take time to design the room where you will place your video player with surround sound system. Put your ideas into paper to document your plan. Do this right so that you will get what you want, and not regret later on. Not only will you have a guide so that you can stick to the plan, you are also making sure that the design will not sacrifice movie experience.

Make sure that you maximize the space of your room. Consider as well the size and shape: noting that a square room creates what is called the “standing waves” phenomenon, wherein the bass is emphasized which ruins the overall sound quality. This is definitely not what you want. A rectangular room is more fitting for this.

Then consider putting a sound dampening material. This will increase sound resistance so that you keep most of the sound inside the room, at the same time, you will not be disturbing other people in the other parts of your house.

In your design, include the layout of your electronic equipment from receiver to DVD and whatever else you have. Also, in terms of your home theater components: be sure you are able to budget well so that you get a nice projector and good audio equipment. You need both video and audio quality to really get the desired effect. One without the other—will be a disaster.

Lastly, you should have your lighting planned carefully. Though you will want your entertainment room to be dark, plan as well to make the room easy to navigate for those who will want to excuse themselves later on. You can put low lighting in the floor for this purpose.

These tips should be helpful when you finally decide to set up your video and audio entertainment system.