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Biggest Trends and Talks to Watch in CES 2019

CES is a yearly event celebrated to keep up with the trends about technology and electronic devices. This is an event where a lot of people gather to check out trends that made news for this year. You can get your universal remote and watch this event in your home theater room to stay up to date and see maybe you have these devices other trends present in your house.

5G Network

This is the biggest news in technology this 2019. For years, we have been using 4G network. This is considered as LTE but some still find the connection slow. 5G is the new network that can be faster than your internet connection at home with its fast multitude connection.  This has been on everyone’s mind in this year’s CES. This network is not limited to tablets and mobile phones. Now, 5G can be connected to our Virtual Reality devices, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality devices benefit this too. These devices generate HD videos and a device with a 5G connection can keep you going.

Edge Computing

You might be asking what edge computing is since it’s not familiar. Edge computing is the best version of cloud computing. A lot of us had problems with our cloud data with its insufficient memory, not trusted security, and lack of access offline. Edge computing is similar to cloud computing. But instead of sending the data in the large data storage, the information is processed in a small edge server where information can be uploaded and so the machine can analyze the information for future use.

This is developed because of our advanced AI technology. With edge computing, we can access information in a short period of time instead of waiting for our device to retrieve the information in the cloud storage. Example of devices with AI technology and uses edge computing are Alexa from Amazon and Google Home.

Curved Screens

Curved Screens is very popular nowadays. Samsung was one of the companies that started the curved screens but who would’ve guessed that television screens can be curved too. This has been a new feature for televisions for a cinematic view and a better experience when watching movies. When it comes to mobile devices, Royole, Samsung, and Huawei has taken it up a notch and planned on debuting a full-screen device that is foldable.

If smartphones planned in debuting a new foldable device, LG has released a mind-blowing television that rolls down into a cabinet. Curved screens are not only for smartphones and televisions but also vehicles that support smart system. The curved screens are placed inside the dashboard for drivers to use. You can’t expect everything to be in the market since some are so expensive that they are better kept and released for orders.

Self-Driving Smart Cars

Airplanes are not the only thing auto-pilot nowadays, smart cars too. Self-driving cars became one of the major trend featured in CES 2019. With our technology today, it is not a surprise if we reached a point in time where we don’t need a professional license to drive a car. Knowing the basics would probably be enough to drive a car especially if you’re fond of playing Grand Theft Auto or you’re a fan of Fast and Furious.

If in the future we have AI cars, it might be a great thing since other AI’s can communicate with each other and they can prevent vehicular accidents. This can be also the solution to traffic in the future.

Consumer Robots

The past years, there is always a robot showcased in this event. Robots have lately been improving and one day, we wouldn’t be shocked if it will look like those in sci-fi movies that we watch. In this year’s event, LG has once again gained a lot of attention with its robot Clio. This is a very revolutionary and they really prepared for this event upstaging its own roll-up television.

CES 2019 is another achievement for devoted robotic fans. There was a lot of robots showcased in the event and it is remarkable that companies have brainstormed to come up with a robot that is completely functional just like Ormon’s Forpheus.

A lot of us can’t wait for next year’s set of robots and there would definitely be a new breakthrough in machines. This is a big advancement that we can always look back in the future.

Quantum Computing

IBM has introduced the very first quantum computer system. If you think it’s a better version of our current computer, you’re wrong. Quantum computer is a new device based on quantum physics and This can leave a great impact on our society today. Quantum computing is the next generation of computer and companies are eager to create a device like this because it can help us better our health, security, and internet. With quantum computing, the Moore’s Law debate can be given less relevance.

CES 2019 has been a huge success because of everyone and without a doubt, next year’s CES will be a better one with new sets of devices that trended and made history. Maybe in next year’s event, we can use our 5G connection for a better viewing quality.