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What is the best brand home theater system?

Just like anything in life, the concept of the best depends on the person. You’ll find numerous home theater systems across various budgets, room types, and preferences. A good one will undoubtedly suspend your disbelief and allow you to stay fully immersed in your viewing experience. Remember that an amazing TV with a crystal clear […]

How to choose the right projector?

Since their inception, projectors have been used for a multitude of things, including: projecting classroom lessons, business plans, meeting room content, or even for streaming movies. Whether you seek to buy a brand new projector for a specific project or look to replace an old one for your home theater, it is important to choose and […]

Is Sonos Better Than Bose?

When it comes to rivalry, Sonos and Bose are neck and neck. How do you know which wireless speakers or soundbars are the best for your home theater system? Everyone knows that your built-in TV speakers provide lackluster sound experience. You can only get premium, vibrant sound from a dedicated setup like the Sonos Playbar or the […]

Biggest Trends and Talks to Watch in CES 2019

CES is a yearly event celebrated to keep up with the trends about technology and electronic devices. This is an event where a lot of people gather to check out trends that made news for this year. You can get your universal remote and watch this event in your home theater room to stay up […]

Cleaning 101 for Gadgets and Electronic Appliances

Many people will be surprised to know how truly dirty and infested with germs and bacteria their electronic gadgets and appliances are. Hamilton Estate Services offers this cleaning and even more extreme cleaning. Mobile devices such as your cell phones and tablets can harbour up to 600 units of bacteria. One in every six mobile […]

20 Myths about Flat Screen TV

  As the realm of technology constantly advances, devices like flat-screen Smart TVs have transformed from mere viewing screens to sophisticated, multi-functional tools. Despite their advancements, several myths persist, necessitating clarification: Smart TVs Are Just Normal TVs with Internet: Far from it, Smart TVs offer an operating system loaded with apps and functionalities not found […]

Home Theater Essentials

In a home theater design, there are three ‘holy grails’ that we have to know. These three things are the essentials that are needed to have that perfect home theater experience. These vital factors in a home theater system are: the screen, a surround sound system, and proper and comfortable seating. Whether you opt to […]

Home theater for small spaces

Think it’s impossible to have an amazing home theater in a cramped space?  Not quite.  As a matter of fact, you’ll be surprised to know that it can actually work in favor.  For one thing, purchasing a huge and expensive surround sound system is no longer necessary. On the other hand, smaller space may mean smaller viewing […]

Quick Home Theater Audio Adjustments

The sound is a fundamental part of your movie experience and many home cinema owners know how important it is to achieve the perfect pitch and sound combination. Many people may hire professionals to wire all of their speakers together and install a sophisticated sound system. But there are actually a few quick and easy […]

Money Wasting Home Theater Errors

Paying for all of the gadgets for a home cinema costs a lot of money. The actual home theater installation performed by a professional would also incur more charges for the homeowners. With all the money involved in making this room the best that it can be, it would be devastating to have errors and […]