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How do you make a media room?

You don’t have to be a movie aficionado to go for home theater design and installation. It’s just nicer to have something beyond a flat-screen TV and couch. A home theater means you could watch your favorite flicks, shows, and games at the highest quality. You can now confidently throw fun watch parties with friends. 

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That said, fixing your media room isn’t so simple. It will take some planning to make a cozy entertainment room that meets your needs. Here are a few tips to make sure you curate an amazing space with picture-perfect clarity and theater-like sound. 

  1. Pick the Most Optimal Room

The number one tip for the best home theater installation is to pick the right room. It could be an old kid’s bedroom or an updated basement or garage. Assess the room’s features, such as: 

  • Shape of room
  • Actual floor area
  • Amount of natural light
  • Possible sound issues

Your room will influence the kind of gadgets you buy. Ideally, a rectangular room is the most appropriate with a nice length between the chairs and display areas. But all types of rooms have a workaround if you plan accordingly, which leads to the second point. 

  1. Address Potential Issues

When you’ve selected the room, deal with the problematic features. For example, you will need blackout shade for rooms that are too bright. You may also need better speakers for a square-shaped room to prevent acoustic distortions. In general, you also have to work to cover potential reflective surfaces that may disrupt your viewing experience. 

Moreover, you must assess your floors and walls for the best ambient quality. You may need to have acoustic paneling done by a professional home installation company to get rid of any irritating echoes. Padded floor carpets also work best to decrease noise. 

  1. Invest in an A/V Instrument Rack

The brains of your media room are your audio-visual components. That’s why you need a rack where you can keep all these instruments. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes, but it will safeguard your investments which may include the following: 

  • DVD/ BlueRay player
  • Media streaming device
  • Cable box
  • Sound system and tuner 

Have this rack near an outlet and internet source to keep the cables organized and out of sight. Ensure that the space behind and beside it is well-ventilated to prevent overheating the equipment. Don’t stack them too closely and arrange them in an orderly manner. 

  1. Choose a Good Screen 

Take special care in choosing your screen as this is one of the main attractions of your media room. Remember, bigger isn’t always better, especially with a small room. You must always consider the gap between the screen and the seats. Apart from an HD flat screen, a projector screen is a good alternative. Take time to research your options. 

  1. Arrange the Speakers Properly

The average has a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system. You must place the speakers accordingly for the best audio quality. Ideally, three speakers and the woofer should be in the front. Meanwhile, two speakers must be behind the seats for the best surround sound experience. Make it a point to place the speakers at least 20 inches away from the walls.

  1. Give It Your Flair and Style

Once you’re done with the fundamental components of the media room, give it your flair and style. Decorating this room is fun as it could reflect your personality and character. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with decorations as this can distract from the viewing experience. If you’ve got large posters or embellishments, it’s best to keep them behind the seats. Most of all, have fun with the process!