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Those who opted to pass up investing a surround sound system for their home theater must be thinking that they can make do with their TV’s built-in speakers. What they miss out is that sound quality that will take their choice of entertainment, be it in watching a Batman sequel, playing the latest release of Grand Theft Auto or listening to Pavarotti, to a whole new level. For others, the purchase may still not be justified considering that they are unwilling to take on the task of figuring out the wiring setup and other installation and calibration headaches that come with the speakers. The benefits, however, outweigh these and more.

  • Immersed in Music

When you had the chance to sit through an orchestra, you will appreciate how a variety of instruments can come together harmoniously to form beautiful music. Although the final sound produced on stereo may be homogenous and many people are satisfied with that, the speakers can bring out the instruments of musicians seated at farther chairs to create a richer overall sound. Since you are not able to attend orchestras, musicales or concerts at all time, having the same listening experience in your living room is the next best thing.

  • More Engaging Video Games

No home theater installation is ever complete without a single gaming console. Of late, game development studios have toiled to design games and their sounds that will immerse the gamer into the unique environment. The visual treat of these games can also be better appreciated when the sound effects are given a chance to shine. Some gamers would even go to such lengths as purchase noise-cancelling headphones to listen to a fuller sound. A surround sound system will give you that quality along with good room acoustics.

  • Cinematic Movies

Last but not the least, movie watching with the surround sound in place will allow you to hear clearly every sound effect thrown in and more. If you have complaint before of not hearing the dialogues or when background sounds of a movie are drowning them out, it is because these sounds were forced into a limited channel. Having multiple speakers and a subwoofer will give definition to the sounds and replicate the musical scores and tracks that you hear inside a movie theater.