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How to Hide Components of a Home Cinema across the Room

If you want to convert an extra room into a functioning home theater, you need to make sure that all of the components are well-assembled and connected appropriately. A home cinema is a system which is composed of multiple pieces of equipment and not just the television.

Normally, the components are placed near each other so they could be wired effortlessly. The shorter the wires, the better the reception will be. But there are certainly a lot of people who would want to put all the components in a separate shelf at the back of the room and just have the display to be the only visible part. This makes the viewing more focused on the screen and not on the surroundings of the room.

If you continue reading this post, you probably want to follow this style in your own home cinema. Here are the ways on how you can hide theater components at the back of the room:

  • The first challenge in this design is how to create a seamless signal flow from the audio and video components into the video output in the anterior.
    • Your first option is the use of wires. If you ask many people who own home cinemas, wires for connections work very well if the distance of the components would only be around 3 meters from each other.
    • As the distance increases, the quality of the image and the sounds may diminish. You can solve this by choosing high quality wires. These may be expensive but it is worth the money because of the output that you will be getting.
    • When choosing the wiring system for your home cinema, you need to get the correct measurement of your room so you could assess the distance between the television and the connecting components.
    • My sources have said that if under-the-floor cabling system is possible, then choose that option. But this is not always applicable especially if the floor is concrete.
    •        If you just want the components to be kept nicely and don’t care where in the room they will be, you can choose a TV shelf or a wall mount. The components will still be in front but they will look tidier.
    • Wireless transmitters can also be used for your home theatre system. A wireless system is definitely more complicated. You can always ask a professional to wire the room for you so you could have the best reception for your display.