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The Advantages of Good Old Outdoor Movie Viewing

You all know the drill when it comes to watching movies. You get into the queue with other spectators before the ticket booth, then you fall in line at the entrance (considering that it was one blockbuster in the making and caught viral attention with its witty trailer) and finally you walk albeit slowly through the congested traffic of excited viewers to find your assigned seat number. All this relative inconvenience for enjoying wide screen and high definition surround sound.

But there has been a time somewhere in the past when people had a unique way of watching movies in public. Given that it’s a fine night time weather, some people park their cars in front of a tall vast empty billboard and watch images of the reels roll at the space of that blank screen. This kind of movie viewing are either done in an open court (usually track and field) or at a verdant parking lot.

No more ticket booth queue

Unlike the traditional public viewing, in this kind of setup you won’t have to fall in line for tickets (well, usually). Most of the time the ticketing is done differently since outdoor movie viewing is not a regular set up. It could be an event geared towards promoting health care, a charity movement or a special holiday bash. In this particular case, watching movies is just an icing on the tip of the main event as a parting gift before adjourning the gathering. Either you have already bought a reservation of your attendance days earlier or, in case of free events, you can be a walk-in spectator.

Enjoying nature at the same time

Watching movies outdoors may not produce the same exact experience you have with your chic home theatre system, with the splendor of its crystal clear audio-visual resolution. However, one can always remember that being outdoors has its own positive vibes. After all, the star-spangled midnight blue skies and surrounding trees are a much pleasant environment than your cramped and potentially cluttered entertainment room.

Enough space for everyone (including yourself)

Lastly, outdoor movie viewing does not sun the risk of having no space. People often bring their cars for seats. Either they sit inside the car or settle themselves on the hood. For other chair-less set-up, there’s enough room to sit at the peripheries of the crowd.