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The Hype About Google’s Project Glass

If you spend a lot of time online then you might have stumbled upon a video released by Google entitled Project glass. The video shows a future vision of Google to create augmented reality glasses.

All About The Video

Now what do these glasses do? The audiovisual displays a typical day of a person who uses the glasses in his own view. It also shows the many things that the glasses can do to help the person as he goes through his day.

The reason why Google has released the video is not mainly for advertising purposes since the item is not yet in production but to get ideas from the people on what features they would want the augmented glasses would have.

Project Glass – How It Works

  • These enlarged glasses would work very similarly to a smartphone but instead of bringing it in your hands, you wear them as spectacles.
  • You can watch videos, go online, and even check- in to places. Many people say watching movies with these specs may feel like you are in a home theater since the video is so close it would seem as if you are in the scene.

Possible Downsides of Project Glass

Although this new technology seems very inviting, there are a lot of questions raised regarding the use of these glasses.

  • The interface of the glasses would require images to be viewed right in front of you and there is a possibility that it will block the person’s view.
  • Although it is a little bit translucent, the images may cause a distraction to the user.
  • There are also pop- ups if there’s a notification so people are concerned about the use of these glasses by drivers.
  • Since images are so close to the eyes, some are also asking about the effects of wearing a pair to one’s vision.

This idea of having glasses that could function like a smartphone has actually been talked about for a long time. And now that Google is already zoning into the project, there is a big chance that this plan will be materialized soon. Technology is really evolving. Maybe someday these glasses can even replace a 3D TV.

The opinions of the public really matter to Google. As early as now, they are already trying to get a target niche for this product. That is why they are soliciting different suggestions from the consumers on how they can improve the function and the design of this new type of technology.