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Top 4 Best Movies Remakes in the Past 3 Years

If you make a list of all the movies you can think of airing in your home theatre system, it is not surprising to end up writing “explosive” titles. Many of the action films created in the last three years never fail to bring together a perfect combination of witty original story and highly-creative violence.

But taking the “witty original story” factor seriously, it may surprise you that some of these action films are already remakes. They were probably rebooted to accommodate the excitement of the surround sound acoustics, both for the domestic and public theaters.

Red Dawn

What if USA gets invaded by foreign enemies? Although this politically-controversial thought proved to be provocative, it wasn’t actually new. The same imaginative dystopian quasi-political analyst has thought of the possibility of being invaded by Russians in 1986. It was understandable, knowing that nearly a generation after the fall of USSR is not enough timeframe to ease some people’s minds. At the height of the recent hysteria with North Korea, someone thought of borrowing the same title and idea in 2012. The decent approvals of the movie only proved one thing – the current collective fear of North Korea is more apparent that the unrealistic reminiscing.

Total Recall

This was one of the movies that proved to be trivial in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s extensive career. The 2013 remake did a lot of improvements, especially in the area of connecting with the audience. Unlike the previous unrealistic setting in Mars, the makers decided to let Colin Farrell run around dystopian planet Earth. Other than that, he was also busy beating up an army of bad guys and dodging projectiles while wrestling with constant headaches due to a haywire of “confusing memories”.

Old Boy

This South Korean pop film aired in 2013. In ten years, Western Hollywood enthusiasts decided to recreate their perspective in that great drama storyline. They made it relatively better by adding the redemption element in the miserable protagonist played by Josh Brolin.


Robocop was a successful science fiction series in the previous decade. However, die-hard fans are not about to let it remain “historical”. The 2014 movie remake was a huge leap of improvement from the past. Thanks to CGI and state-of-the-art animated physics, Alex Murphy can chase high-speed vehicles, do smooth fluid kung-fu moves while having genuine conflicting human emotions.