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What size room do you need for your home theater?

If you’re thinking about investing in custom home theater design, one of the major factors you must consider is the size of the room. Should you be lucky enough to have space and build your home from the ground up, take note that a fully immersive home theater experience is at least 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. High ceilings are also a must since these promote better acoustics and create a nice ambiance for your home cinema. 

However, in reality, not everyone has the luxury of space. The majority of people are middle class, so they have to make do with a smaller family room. Although bigger is usually better when it comes to your home movie theaters, you have to work with your existing room size. Fortunately, there are many ways to make home theater design adaptable to your room specs and needs. 

You can tailor your technology, furniture, and design specs with the square footage of your home. Even small family rooms that are 10 square feet will work with a large smart TV and a good surround sound system. Check out these simple tips that help you plan a smaller home theater. 

Use Hidden Surround Sound to Utilize Limited Space

When you have a small space, you must optimize every nook and cranny. You can utilize a hidden surround sound system that’s built into the preexisting structure. Alternatively, you can speak to a professional home theater installation team to build them into your walls or ceilings. This helps you maximize the existing space. At the same time, it will create a sleek, sophisticated, and clean design that’s a fest for the eyes. 

Select Custom Cabinetry For Better Organization

Smaller home theaters become more functional with custom cabinetry. You can choose to have them build or build them yourself if you’re a handyman. Home stores also have a lot of prefabricated furniture that you can assemble on your own. These are not bulky, so they can work with your existing space and help keep your media stuff and other collectibles neat and organized. 

Consider Raised Seating to Maximize Floor Area

When you have a small space, you must get creative with your seating options. You can consider raised seating with comfy chairs as this allows you to make the most out of a small space. You can also opt to incorporate different types of seating such as hanging chairs or even bean bags. Select what works for your home theater theme. 

Work With Sconce Lighting For Ambiance

When you’re working in a small media room, natural lighting can create unsightly reflections. For best results, install blackout curtains to block off the light and incorporate sconce lighting instead. There is a broad range of sconce lights from traditional to ultra-modern. Choose one that fits your theme. This will make your room feel like a home theater, giving it a nice glow and kindling the best atmosphere. At the same time, sconce lighting won’t create problems when you’re viewing something on the screen. 

If you need any help with your home theater design, call our team of experts for assistance. We’d be glad to help you explore your custom design options. We will work with your existing square footage and budget.