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Do home theaters add value?

If you’re contemplating upgrading your home theater experience, you could build yourself a home cinema and invest in a good quality projector and screen, with matching surround sound and comfy seats. For sure, you’ll be amazed by the stunning visuals and sounds, and don’t be surprised if family and friends would prefer to do movie […]

What is the best brand home theater system?

Just like anything in life, the concept of the best depends on the person. You’ll find numerous home theater systems across various budgets, room types, and preferences. A good one will undoubtedly suspend your disbelief and allow you to stay fully immersed in your viewing experience. Remember that an amazing TV with a crystal clear […]

What sound system do movie theaters use?

If you’re curious about the kind of sound system that movie theaters use because you want to copy that in your home theater installation, the answer is it depends on the movie theater or company hosting the screening. For example, IMAX Theaters typically utilize the IMAX sound system, Dolby Cinemas use Dolby Atmos Sound Systems, […]

Are 2 speakers better than 4?

This question is a bit complex to answer even for home theater installation experts because it’s not an either-or inquiry. The answer will always depend on several factors, including your budget, room size, needs, and even preferences. To help you out, here’s the difference between 2 versus 4 speakers.  Resistance Value The primary difference between […]

How do you make a media room?

You don’t have to be a movie aficionado to go for home theater design and installation. It’s just nicer to have something beyond a flat-screen TV and couch. A home theater means you could watch your favorite flicks, shows, and games at the highest quality. You can now confidently throw fun watch parties with friends.  […]

How do I choose a good projector?

Having a home theater projector is a great choice for movie lovers. It will certainly amp up your viewing experience, promote a cinema-like feel in your home theater, and stimulate family bonding. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide array of brands, like Epson projectors, which consistently have amazing reviews.  However, having a vast choice […]

What size room do you need for your home theater?

If you’re thinking about investing in custom home theater design, one of the major factors you must consider is the size of the room. Should you be lucky enough to have space and build your home from the ground up, take note that a fully immersive home theater experience is at least 20 feet long […]

How do I set up a home theater room?

Is home theater design on your mind? Having your own home cinema today is definitely within your reach. It’s no longer an extravagant home addition that’s intended for the rich and famous. Thanks to innovation, tech devices and gadgets are now aplenty and affordable. Hence, even an ordinary family can have a movie theater-like experience […]

Is 7.1 surround sound the best?

The word best is relative when you use it to describe anything in life. If you’re wondering if the 7,1 surround sound system is the best, the answer is it depends. Many factors come into play when you’re looking at home audio. Some of the most common factors include your budget, brand preference, and room […]

What is the best brand home theater system?

If you’re thinking what is the best brand home theater system, you’re not going to get a single answer. That depends on you! After all, there are many different sound system configurations, room types, budget considerations, brands, and even personal preferences. Thus, there are many different ways to get a killer home theater setup that […]