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What sound system do movie theaters use?

If you’re curious about the kind of sound system that movie theaters use because you want to copy that in your home theater installation, the answer is it depends on the movie theater or company hosting the screening. For example, IMAX Theaters typically utilize the IMAX sound system, Dolby Cinemas use Dolby Atmos Sound Systems, […]

What does a home theater system consist of?

Are you thinking about home theater installation to improve your home viewing experience? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right page on cyberspace. The most typical components of a home theater system are made up of a TV, surround sound, and video source. But these devices are the most basic of them all. If you […]

HomeStars Adds New Layer of Credibility For Homeowners

Over the years, we at Toronto Home Theater have been lucky enough to win the “Best Of” Award at HomeStars 9 times. Well, maybe not lucky: we haven’t changed our customer approach because it works. When it comes to how we do business, we service our customers the way we would want to be serviced in […]

7 Rookie Home Theater Mistakes You Must Avoid

Home theater systems come in all shapes, styles and prices. No matter how expensive your system is, it’s no use if you don’t know how to set it up and use properly. Sadly, it’s common among people to splurge too much on a home theater only to find out it’s not what they wanted — […]

4 Simple Tips to Set Up Your Home Theater System

Today’s home theater systems have come a long way. A plethora of brands, styles and options are available in the market, each offering something a little different. Whether you invested on a minimal or maximal system, a home theater is only as good as how it’s set up. This means you need to have a […]

Top 4 Best Movies Remakes in the Past 3 Years

If you make a list of all the movies you can think of airing in your home theatre system, it is not surprising to end up writing “explosive” titles. Many of the action films created in the last three years never fail to bring together a perfect combination of witty original story and highly-creative violence. […]

Horror Movie Clichés That Bond Family and Friends

Movies have a particular formula that most movie lovers have finally guessed by now. In every kind of movie genre, there is a formula that either adds flavor to the movie or adds to the predictable vibe. One of the genres that most people have fun watching is the horror genre. This is one of […]

2014 Summer Movies

 “Popcorn night” is one of the activities that you can share with your family. There are several movies that are out this summer that you can watch with your family. Some of these movies have amazing special effects that would be great to watch a good entertainment room. Home theater installation is a bit tricky […]

Why Hire A Professional?

A professional person is someone that we can count on once we want the best of any service in a certain field or specialty. An example of that would be a photographer. A professional photographer would be important to hire when there is a big event like weddings since we want the best moment to […]

The Secrets to a Successful Video Projector Installation

The home video projector is one of the most valuable gadgets that you can have in your home theater. It can display high definition video images without taking up too much space inside your home cinema. But just like any other gadgets inside the room, all the good features will not be put into good […]