Money Wasting Home Theater Errors

Paying for all of the gadgets for a home cinema costs a lot of money. The actual home theater installation performed by a professional would also incur more charges for the homeowners. With all the money involved in making this room the best that it can be, it would be devastating to have errors and […]

Useful Tips in Mounting an LCD to the Wall

Gone are the days of the large box television screens that needed to be placed inside a cabinet or positioned on top of a stand. Today, most of the sets that you will find are flat panel TVs, flat LCDs, and Plasma Televisions that can be mounted on the wall. Mounting an LCD TV on […]

Tips on Setting up your Home Theater

Having your own cinema at home definitely gives you an advantage because you get to enjoy high quality movies and videos without having to line up in box offices and cinemas. Turning an empty or extra room in the house into a home cinema is actually not that difficult. All you need to do is […]

How a Log House became High Tech

When a person thinks of a log home or a log cabin, the last thing that he would think about is high tech gadgets. This is one thing that the makers of an 18,000 square foot log house in a certain place are trying to disprove. Why Do We Call it “High Tech Log House”? […]

4 Cool Gifts for Home Theater Fanatics

Any friend or loved one obsessed with home theater design is easier to buy a present for than you think. Whatever your budget is, you are bound to find something they would look forward to receiving. 1. The Big Guns Dad or Grandpa will be easy to impress with a new 55-inch LED TV or […]

How to Sort Through HDMI Cables

There are certain aspects in home theater design that may not dazzle you as much as 60-inch plasma TV does but will be so nifty and valuable that you will wonder how you managed to live without it. One such item are the popular HDMI Cables (High Definition Multimedia Interface). If you have not heard […]

3 Blunders for Installing Plasma TV on Your Own Home

To anyone who says that any home theater installation is a piece of cake must have the good sense to read the manufacturer’s manual that accompanies each device. However, the money one pays to the technician is not to compensate for laziness in going through the manual either. The experts have gained the tricks of […]

Home Theaters Get Green Makeover

For every home theater installation you do in your living room, you are adding to your overall energy consumption. Sure, each new device may not always make a dent in your wallet, but if you consider  all the electronics you have in your home, they can add up. Look for Options First, be aware that […]

When Shows Jump Out of TV Screens

No home theater nowadays is deemed complete without the awaited 3D TV holding court, front and center. At least for those whose households that snapped up one or more of the millions of units sold so far, that is. As for the rest of you still holding on to your 2D screens, you can spend […]

Blu-ray Leaves Theater in the Dust

For movie fanatics, a home theater is never complete without the addition of a Blu-ray disc player. This welcomed upgrade from the DVD and its earlier formats has a higher storage capacity than the latter, allowing for movie and TV production companies to put in high resolution content without much regard to space constraints. Moreover, […]