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Too Many Remote Controls?

When you get home from work and you want to watch TV, do you see more than one remote control on the table when you reach for it? Many people have multiple gadgets and equipment in their entertainment rooms and each of those pieces of equipment has their own controllers. The problem with this is […]

Learning More about Touch Screen Universal Remotes

Over the years, remote controls have really changed as new types of controls have already been introduced to the public. Aside from remote controls for television, there are also other household appliances that already use these gadgets. Luckily, there are now remote controls that can function universally and can be used in different rooms and […]

Convert a Tablet or Smartphone into a Remote Control

Tablets and smartphones have more and more clawed their way into your home theater. Newer models are affixed with HDMI ports that make streaming movies to your wide screen HDTV a standard feature. One area that has been continuously tinkered by developers is the universal remote control. So far, this multi-tasking feature comes with a […]

What You Need in a Universal Remote

One of the many practical ways to organize your home theatre systems is to purchase a universal remote control. Every device you own, from the DVD player to your surround sound system, will have an accompanying little black remote control in its box. Having a multiple of them piling on your coffee table will not […]

Features You Want in a Universal Remote

When your home theater is crammed with an assortment of devices, each with its own remote control, it is easy to confuse one from the other. Aside from the clutter that the litter of black controls will do to your living room, the multiple buttons are bound to go through that confusion and frustration stages […]

The iPad and Your Home Theater

A true entertainment system enthusiast will seldom stop at getting their hands on the latest gaming console or surround sound system. Every new gizmo that comes out every year has to be sized up and checked out if it could enhance or replace the devices at home. The much hyped iPad is of no exception. […]

What You Must Read Before Buying A Home Theater System

Home theater reviews can provide you with tips on how to buy a whole home audio and video system. This is a common alternative for most people who like to watch movies but don’t want to go through the hassles of going there and contending with traffic. By reading such reviews, you will learn the […]

Investing In A Home Theater

The prices of movie tickets are continually rising even with the tough economic times we are in. While there are high quality movies worth watching, recent times dictate that a home theater system is a good investment. Many have opted for this alternative and have invested on Plasma TV, surround sound system, universal remote programming […]

A Universal Remote Control – Its Effects in your Home Theater System

Technology seeps in every corner of our life. They also do in every corner of our house. If you own a home theater system, technology has already reached your house. In that sense, technology is not a brand new thing for many, and it is therefore important to keep things more accessible and manageable. A […]

Great Advantages of A Universal Remote

No one can deny that a remote control is a vital part of our technology-driven lives. This is even more evident in a modern house with a home theatre system. There is a remote for the DVD player, the LCD TV or plasma TV and another remote for the surround sound system. It does not […]