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24/7 3D Channel by Wealth TV

For the past 2 tears, Wealth TV has been giving its viewers some previews and teasers of 3D shows. Wealth TV has been doing this for the past years to ramp up for the new direction that the channel is going for.

Wealth TV is a broadcasting network that features the lifestyle, entertainment and everything related to luxury and wealth. It also produces original shows that cover everything wealthy on the air, water or on wheels.

Recently, after the 2- year ramp up, Wealth TV has launched its new 3D platform through the Wealth TV 3D channel. It has joined a few channels in delivering a linear 3 experience just like ESPN 3D and 3Net. The 3D content was available to viewers via Verizon FiOS VOD but the 24/7 3D channel will be available in the United States via Roku boxes. A home theatre system will be great when watching 3d channels like Wealth TV. 3D programming can give the viewer a more participative experience.

While Wealth TV was showing clips and previews of their 3D content for the past years, the staff, crew and production unit was also busy travelling the world to look and shoot possible 3D content that will captivate and catch the viewers’ attention.

Wealth TV has been known in airing programs that shows the lifestyle of the wealthy. They also showcase how-to programs and success stories. Now that the 3D channel has been launched, Wealth TV will be able to bring the viewers with the crew in travelling the world in a whole new perspective.

Wealth TV had always joined the trends in broadcasting. The channel was already showing High Definition (HD) programming to its viewers in as early as 2004. Since the trend of 3D TV has been gaining popularity, Wealth TV CEO Robert Herring has decided to join the bandwagon.

A variety of programs will be featured in the 3D channel. Aside from travel features, sports events and documentaries may also be shown in the programming lineup. Technologically speaking, Wealth TV launching its 3D channel isn’t much of a spectacle. But it shows where the direction of future cable programming may lead to.