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Blu-ray Leaves Theater in the Dust

For movie fanatics, a home theater is never complete without the addition of a Blu-ray disc player. This welcomed upgrade from the DVD and its earlier formats has a higher storage capacity than the latter, allowing for movie and TV production companies to put in high resolution content without much regard to space constraints. Moreover, its use of the shorter wavelength blue-violet laser as opposed to the red laser that the DVD player uses, will enable the player to pinpoint the data to be played more accurately. Because of these improvements, your constant Blu-ray viewing could spoil you with sharper images and would eventually train your eyes to spot inferior picture quality. An example of this is the projector screen at movie theaters. When, while inside your local multiplex, you begin to fidget that your Blu-ray at home would have given you a better viewing experience, then there could be a number of reasons causing that.

Projector Issues

As opposed to home theater projectors that you can tweak and calibrate according to your taste, the projectors in theaters may not have been installed at a correct angle, framing and other issues that can be distracting to the viewer at the very least. Theater owners could also be skimping on the bulbs by keeping them in use long after the recommended hours have expired and even when they are darkening the pictures. Aside from these, the projector might also be having motor problems or the screen itself has worn out due to age.

Negative Copies

While films are known to have the clearest resolution, the digital processing of Blu-ray could give it a run for its money. Films, after all, have been re-produced many times over and not necessarily from its original negatives. The copies themselves can also be defective, full of scratches, and the like. You will certainly be able to catch these tiny annoyances when the pictures are projected into the big screen.

Resolution Matters

No matter how sharp a Blu-ray movie may be, it can still suffer when you play it on the cinema’s screen. It is an accepted fact that the TV’s relatively smaller screen size is also a major factor in showing that far crisper image. Between TV screen sizes, however, you may only notice an iota of difference, if at all. So, whatever your current TV’s size, you can be assured that your Blu-ray will give you that defined picture image it is known for.