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When Shows Jump Out of TV Screens

No home theater nowadays is deemed complete without the awaited 3D TV holding court, front and center. At least for those whose households that snapped up one or more of the millions of units sold so far, that is. As for the rest of you still holding on to your 2D screens, you can spend the time to watch where the technology is heading next. Just like any other product, your wait will most likely be rewarded with the finer-tuned 3D TV models. While you do that, you can prepare for your upcoming purchase with a quick run-through on 3D TV basics.

1. TV Size

Every home theater design article you have probably read has preached on the merits of taking into account the size of your room when trying to pick one from the many TV sizes. There are certain viewing distances to consider if you are striving to re-create in your home the movie watching experience you get at the theater. When it comes to 3D TV buying, however, most manufacturers stick to 40” and you better be prepared to pay for the bigger ones if you want to be blown away by the technology. If you are not yet able to afford these screens it might be better to just wait out for the new and more competitively priced ones to roll out so you can fully appreciate how it will change your living room.

2. 3D Glasses

If you have seen the initial 3D TV offerings, the bulky glasses could be one of the reasons why you backed away. You may have been mentally prepared to don those flimsy ones they give out at the 3D cinemas, but to be asked to sport a battery-operated, transmitter-dependent, and not to mention handsomely priced, pair can understandably send a few interested buyers running for cover. Although these glasses will shoot the 3D watching experience through the roof, the manufacturers have listened to consumers and will soon be selling models that are friendlier to long term wear.

3. 3D Content

This area of the technology is still young, but is determined to grow. TV channels are now putting out content that are exclusively in 3D so you can enjoy your new toys. There are also 3D cameras now sold in a range of prices so you can always record home movies and play them back on your TV.