Choosing the best design for your home theater installation is a very crucial process if you want your home cinema to be a success. Even if you have the most advanced gadgets and appliances in the market today, if they are poorly installed and follow a poor room design, the movie experience will not be the best for the viewers.

A common question about installation and positioning is how the flat- panel display should be placed inside the room. Since the display is a fundamental part of the theater system, you need to make sure that it is placed correctly.

Here are some great tips that you can follow when designing the room and thinking about how to install your flat-panel HDTV.

  • Don’t just hang your Flat-panel HDTV on the wall. Instead, cut through your drywall and create a soffit. To create a very good design for your home cinema, you need to make the room as seamless as possible. Many high tech home cinemas use projectors so there would be no need to mount a display on the wall. Since you are using a flat- panel HDTV, you can replicate this smoothness by cutting through your drywall and installing the HDTV in that frame. It will look as if your TV is part of the wall and it won’t be a distraction to the eye. If you will open the drywall and cut through it to make way for the TV, make sure that you redo the wiring as well. The plugs and outlets should be positioned right behind where the TV will be placed. You might need to hire a professional to do this but it will be worth the money.
  • If you want the HDTV to be the focal point of the room, install it in the middle of the wall but tilt it downwards to match the viewer’s eye level. Flat screen HDTVs today are definitely a delight to look at. What better way to brag this to your friends than to place it right in the middle of the wall and make it the focal point of your home theater. As usual, you need to cut a hole through your drywall and install it as a part of the wall. But because the viewers will be seated, you need to make sure that the screen will be right at the level of their eyes. This can be achieved by tilting the HDTV downward at a certain angle to match it with everyone’s eye level. Try sitting down on the chair and check which angle will give the best color and has the least glare.